Thursday, October 6, 2016


I feel like the work we do at the table 
(writing, copy work, math, map skills, analogies, critical thinking, spelling, reading, etc.) 
is such a small part of our homeschool.

These are the times I love the most:

Outside art-

Afternoon P.E.-

Pretend play-

Self-directed math project-

Baking bread-

More outdoor art-

Finding and washing shells-

Then creating a "shell museum" Boxcar Children style-

As I write this, they've been playing with Legos for about an hour.
As long as they work cooperatively together,
I will not stop them to do more "table work".
Fine motor skills, communication skills, creativity,
storytelling, building 3-dimensional structures, and math.
Learning through play is my favorite!


A fun Friday morning breakfast at Over Easy-

Sometimes choosing the less travelled path is rather lonely.

I'm thankful to be walking beside these sweet mamas.
It's a blessing to have friends who understand the joys and the struggles of homeschooling.

And, they're really fun, too.


I love these park outings.
Fresh air, sunshine, and building castles in the middle of the trail.
Welcome, Fall!