Friday, October 13, 2017

Beaching- Day 7

Last day.
Every day, I'd declare, "THIS is my favorite day!"
I'm pretty sure Tuesday really was my favorite day though.
The weather was perfect and the ocean was calm.

It was a fun science beach day, too!
They caught and held a butterfly for awhile before it took flight,
found lots of sea cucumbers,
and even "rescued" a fish by scaring a seagull who was about to enjoy a nice breakfast!

I thought I might regret not having even one belly picture from this pregnancy,
so I recruited Ben to do the job.
I love that he caught this moment when Clementine ran up and kissed my belly.
She does it often (hugging, kissing, talking to the baby), but her timing was impeccable this time. :)

After a full day of beaching, we went to the pool for one last swim.
Clementine surprised us by deciding she was ready to swim on her own!

Then, we took quick showers and walked down the beach for dinner.

The sunset was so beautiful!

In short, it was a fantastic vacation!
I can't imagine Disney ever trumping a trip like this for my little crew.
I mean, for an entire week, they played with a shovel, a bucket, and a net...and had a BLAST!
I'm thankful we can do pretty much nothing but be outside for a week
and it feels like perfection for all of us.

Another long, 3-flight, travel day.
We came back to fall in Colorado!
Leaves everywhere!!
I love living in a place that's so wonderful that coming back from vacation is still fun.

So long, summer!

Beaching- Day 6


We got up and went out to breakfast at The Donut Hole since it was a bit cloudy.
(It was bizarre to see people drinking huge sodas before 8am!)

By 8:15, the sun was out and we were back on the beach!
It was still double red flags, so they spent the day playing in the sand. 

I could hardly believe it when Clementine fell asleep on me.
It's been a LONG time since she's napped, so it was a sweet moment.
Captured a picture with both babies. :) 

We stayed at the beach until a little after 4, then went to the pool to swim for a bit.
They were both snoozing by 7 each night!

Beaching- Day 5


We stayed inside for most of the morning while we waited for the storm to blow over.
The rain was spotty, so during a break, we went out to see what the beach looked like!

After lunch, we suited up and headed to the indoor pool to swim for a bit.
Then, we walked to the Sugar Shack for ice cream!
We decided to walk back "home" via the beach.
The ocean was WILD, but it was really fun to see!

Alice stayed out for the rest of the afternoon, digging holes and making sand people sculptures.

All in all, it turned out to be a good day!