Saturday, July 23, 2016


I love milestones.
I love first words, first steps, the first loose tooth, etc. 
To me, learning to ride a bike is in the same category as those.

Alice has been quite motivated to learn since watching a friend ride her bike this past week.
She's been practicing with the balance bike in the garage, 
but this morning was our first time to go to a park to really give it a try. 

She did a few laps on the balance bike
and then Ben swapped it with the 2-wheeler pedal bike.
(I did NOT think she was ready.)

I still can't believe the learning curve!
One minute she couldn't do it and the next she could.
Such a fun day!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Ice Cream Truck!

We could hardly believe it when we heard the song!

I let them pick whatever they wanted as a "Thanks for being awesome while Daddy was gone" treat.
Sometimes when my kids pick grody treats,
I feel like I have failed them as a parent.
Like, last Halloween when she'd bypass the Reese's for a Tootsie Roll.

How does one choose a watermelon popsicle over a Snickers ice cream bar!? 
This should be a future homeschool lesson. 

{A side story}
Our ice cream truck is owned/driven by a mama and her son.
She said it was her first time out this summer because she went back to school to become a teacher.
She's taking 13 credit hours right now!
We chatted while her little boy gathered the treats for us.
I loved handing money to her.
I'll even head out to ruin their dinners again another day, if we get the chance!

Little People

I have a weird thing for vintage Fisher Price toys.
Maybe because they're so classic and timeless?
Maybe because they are seemingly indestructable?
Maybe because I dislike most toys marketed to my kids?

Anyway, this morning I saw these sets listed on Craigslist
and quickly called the sweet grandma who owned them.
After a little chat, I loaded up the girls and we went to claim the loot.
These sets were all from the late 60's and early-mid 70's.

{2pm. still in pajamas.}

They played with them for pretty much 7 hours straight today.
They'll eventually make their way upstairs, but for now, 
our living room is overflowing with vintage awesomeness.