Saturday, March 19, 2016

"Taco Tuesday"

One of Alice's favorite things to do of late
is to make a restaurant for Ben.

While I'm making dinner,
she makes a menu,
sets the table,
dons an apron,
and waits by the window.

{I send Ben a text to let him know to be ready. :)}

He walks in and she greets him with,
"Welcome to [whatever restaurant name of the day]!
How many are with you today?"

She then shows him to the table
and presents him with the menu.

She LOVES it and Ben is so sweet to play along.

These pictures are from "Taco Tuesday".
She's also done Over Easy and Bolton's Pizza.

{tacos, cheese, beans, juice, wine}

She served him Chipotle-style.
He made his selection and she served it.

This restaurant was extra special because it included an after dinner activity...
a pinata!

My sweet husband.
After a long day at work,
he comes home and gives even more to his girls.
Always engages...
no matter how tired he is.
I feel like I won the husband lottery!

Alice's 6th Birthday Party

Alice's 6th Birthday falls on Easter this year.
Instead of trying to compete with the Resurrection, 
we had her party this morning. :)

Her ideal party included the following requests:
{gluten free} donuts

{We got that crazy candle from Amazon. It was SO fun!}

It was a wild, but super fun morning. 

We love you, Alice Claire!

Fireplace love.

For Ben's birthday, I decided to get him a reclaimed wood wall.
How romantic, right?
I knew he'd love it...and he does!
I'll post pictures of that later. :)

But then, I asked Dan the wood guy about redoing our fireplace.

This was the before:

I pulled down the trim from the mantle and found this:
Bright blue.
Proof from her wilder days...
like the bizarre tattoos I see in the gym locker room.

I painted the brick:

And Dan, of Rustic Timber Designs, got to work!
I gasped when I saw our new mantle!

Love. Love. Love. Love. Love!

Here's the side-by-side: