Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Review

Rarely do we have weekends that are eventful enough to justify a blog post, but I believe this was one.

1. Christmas Parties Galore!  We both had our work parties this weekend. It's fun getting all prettied up every once and awhile.

The party at The Colorado Springs School was so beautiful. I wish I had pictures from it. It was all 1908 themed. All candlelight!

Ben's SFP party was at his boss' home. It, too, was absolutely gorgeous. Ben was very excited about winning the ping-pong tournament.

(He stripped down to his "Optimus Prime says Stay in School" t-shirt for the big match.)

2. We purchased and put up our first Christmas tree! This project was neither of our favorite activities to do together. We chose and purchased our $30 King Soopers tree,

stuck it in Ben's car, brought it home, and then battled with getting it in the crappy, old tree stand I had. In the end, I drove to the store and bought a new one. We were both happy when that was all over.

Our house smells so good now!!

3. Festival of Lights!  Jonathan, Jen, Ben, and I ventured downtown for the Christmas Parade. Definitely some interesting sights to be seen down there. :)

4. Family Day!  The Boltons all gathered together for lunch and the taking of the annual family Christmas picture. I'll post that when we get it.  Then, Ben and I decided to take our Christmas picture as well.

Here are our favorites...

5. Ben gave me an early Christmas present! A new camera!! I have loved my "old" one to death. I'm excited!! I love it! (Can you tell by the over-usage of exclamation marks?)


We headed to Franklin, TN to Mom and Papa's new house for Thanksgiving this year. It was a blast!

I've GOT to be better at taking pictures!!  I didn't take any from Thanksgiving dinner, or any of my sister and my 4 beautiful nephews and nieces. Shame on me!

Cassie and Luke

Mom and Papa

Ben and Will


In the airport..."The Curious Benjamin Bolton"

Friday, November 7, 2008


*Sorry about the crappy picture quality that follows. I've now learned what NOT to do. :)

1. Boulder trips! I (Melissa) love Boulder. I've gotten to go there 3 times in the last monthish. First, for Marcia's bachelorette party, then for Stefanie's birthday, and then for Ashlyn's shower. Lots of good friend time! Here's a few pics from the Boulder adventures...



2. Halloween!  Though my mom was not thrilled at the idea, I wore my wedding dress as my Halloween costume for our school party. I was an angel. The kids LOVED it!  

Then, Jack wore the angel costume. 

That night, we stayed in to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Sean and the Spear family came over for some Wii action. 


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dog Abuse

I'm pretty sure this could be abuse. Ben and I were at Target earlier today when we saw Halloween costumes for dogs. Now, we're not those crazy "dress up the dog" dog owners...typically. But, we made an exception today when we saw the Jack-O-Lantern (which is what Ben often calls Jack) costume. The only problem was that the largest size fit dogs up to 30 pounds. Jack weighs a little over 45 pounds. We decided that the $5 it cost was well worth the laughs we'd get. And it was!
We crammed Jack into the costume and he looked like a stuffed sausage! 
I love the first picture...he doesn't look amused AT ALL.

But then he lightened up a bit.
I'm thinking that we could solve the dog hair issue if we had a full body suit for him! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Take me out to the ball game.

We were so blessed to have Rockies "club level" seats given to us from one of Ben's co-workers. It was a blast! I've spent the vast majority of my baseball viewing in the Rockpile, so this was AMAZING. Great view of the game, a comfy seat with a back on it, a guy came around asking if we wanted anything to eat/ fun! When it started to rain, we just stepped inside the corridor area to watch the game from there for a bit. It's just too bad the Rockies aren't having a season like last year's!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

At last!

We finally received the professional pictures from our wedding. Wahoo! There are a bajillion of them. Well, around 1200 of them to sort through. But, these are a few of our far.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Funness

I love 3 day weekends. I honestly feel that our work weeks should be cut in order to have a 3 day weekend every week.

On Saturday, Ben and I spent the morning running errands, cleaning up the house, playing with Jack, etc. Then, we went to dinner at Jake and Telly's. Yum! We had a Greek feast complete with some sort of flaming cheese, yummy wine, crab cakes, and a sampler plate with all kinds of deliciousness...except the olives (yuck.).

After dinner we headed down to Memorial Park for the Balloon Glo. We (okay I, Melissa) were a little bummed because we tried to invite other couples to join us. Here's the tally: Invited 14 people, 6 said they were in, and 0 actually came with us. Tangent alert! Why is it so hard to make friends here?? In Boulder, I had a bunch of really good girlfriends. Here, it's been surprisingly difficult. I know, I know, it takes time to make friends. But sometimes I feel like I'm making lots of effort only to be left feeling sad and rejected. Perhaps I should not post the creepy wine picture of me (above) in the event that a potential new friend sees this.

Okay. Now that that's off my chest, I'll get back on track.
I loved, loved, loved the Balloon Glo!! I kept thanking Ben for taking me there. For me, it was better than the 4th of July fireworks. Loved it. And now, pictures!

Oh! We also took a few family pictures...

Sunday was pretty laid back...slept in, went to church, played with Jack, ran some errands...

We spent Labor Day afternoon/evening with family and friends: Jim, Debbie, Em and the kiddos, Jonathan and Jen, and Val, Michael and Craig. We all met up at the driving range to practice our skillz. Then, went to Jim and Debbie's house for dinner. It's always a blast hanging out with the family!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


It's been a little while since I've written a post, so here you go!

1. I (Melissa) am no longer a stay-at-home-wife. Bummer. It was a wonderful summer, but then it was time to get back to the "
real world". Here's my "real world":
Nice, huh? I'm now a "long-term Kindergarten substitute" at the Colorado Springs School. So far, it's really great! I have 8 kiddos in my class. It's a beautiful campus near The Broadmoor. Every 15 minutes we can hear the chimes from the Will Rodgers memorial thingy. We also have frequent visits from bears! We have to take the "bear bag" out to the playground with us...just in case.

2. We haven't killed the dog yet. Yes, Ben and I have successfully kept Jack alive for 7 weeks now. Go us! Ben has taught Jack how to fetch. It's really cute. Here's proof:

3. We took a little family trip to Grand Lake a few weekends ago. That was fun! Had we brought our camera, I'd have pictures to post. But, we didn't. So, here's some other person's picture of Grand Lake:

4. We found a church! Ben and I are now regular attenders at Vanguard Church. We've really enjoyed getting to know people in the LinX group...for Young Marrieds.

5. Golf lessons! Ben's parents graciously purchased golf lessons for all of us. We had our first lesson last Thursday. It's a little overwhelming, but I'm beginning to get the swing of things. (haha! Punny.) I'm still in the stage where I have to think about every little aspect of hitting the ball...feet shoulder width apart, weight on the insides of my feet, knees bent, butt out, proper grip, etc. I'm considering making a t-shirt with a checklist on it. I'd have to put it upsidedown so I can look down and read it. That would probably look weird. Tangent. Back on track. It was a blast hanging out with the fam. I'm hoping that someday I'll be able to make it through 9 holes without wanting to cry out of frustration. :) We'll see. I think I just need a rockin' cool golf outfit like this:

Seriously. I need this outfit.

6. Last, I will leave you with links to my 2 favoritest blogs.
  1. Cake Wrecks- Ben and I laughed at this for a very long time. The life-like baby cake is my favorite. Wait. I'll link you go!
  2. Smitten Kitchen- I've made lots of recipes from this blog. So yummy.

I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!