Monday, July 28, 2008

Introducing Jack!

Ben and I were eating breakfast at The Omelet Parlor (mmm!) one morning 
when we started talking about dogs. 
I told him that, when we think it's time/when we think we're ready, 
I'd like for us to at least consider rescuing a dog from the shelter. 
At the time, Ben was pretty convinced that buying a puppy was probably the best way to go. 
We pulled out our handy-dandy iPhones and started looking at the dogs available at the shelter nearby.
 When I saw Jack's picture I squealed with delight, 
"A Border Collie! I love Border Collies! And his name is Jack!". 
I showed the picture to Ben and we decided to head down to the shelter for a better look.

Upon our first meeting, we were not 100% that Jack was going to be a good addition to our family, 
but the people at the shelter told us we had 2 weeks to try things out and decide if it's a good fit. 
We took Jack home and he quickly showed us what a great dog he is. 
He's house-broken, knows all the basic commands, 
walks great on a leash, 
caught on very quickly to my "no dogs in the kitchen" rule, etc.

It has been so much fun having a dog! 
We love taking him for walks around the neighborhood, hikes, and to the dog parks. 
His only "issue" is some aggression/anxiety around other dogs. 
But, fear not. 
We start obedience classes on Wednesday!

Here's some pictures of Jack...
First things first. Trip to the vet.

Then, a bath.

Then, the fun stuff! Hiking and dog parks!

Our Alaskian Adventure!

I'll save some time and attempt to embed a slide show we already made. 
Wish me luck!

I did it!! 
I'm mastering this whole blogging thing! 
(Patting myself on the back.)

If you want the description of where we are or what we're doing, 
just click on the picture and you'll go to the Picassa album.

Love and Marriage

Met, dated, got engaged, got married. 
I know, I know...real original.

We LOVED our wedding. 
It was the best day ever! 
It was so fun seeing so many of our friends and family together in one place. 
We wanted it to be a celebration, and it was! 
We had a photo booth, chocolate tasting, espresso bar, 
dancing, cake, wine, almost all of our favorite things!

Here's a few pictures from the big day. 
We're still waiting for our professional pictures. 
I'll pass those along as soon as we get them.
 I'm still trying to figure out how to make the picture formatting look nicer...
sorry it's so messy. :)