Monday, July 28, 2008

Introducing Jack!

Ben and I were eating breakfast at The Omelet Parlor (mmm!) one morning 
when we started talking about dogs. 
I told him that, when we think it's time/when we think we're ready, 
I'd like for us to at least consider rescuing a dog from the shelter. 
At the time, Ben was pretty convinced that buying a puppy was probably the best way to go. 
We pulled out our handy-dandy iPhones and started looking at the dogs available at the shelter nearby.
 When I saw Jack's picture I squealed with delight, 
"A Border Collie! I love Border Collies! And his name is Jack!". 
I showed the picture to Ben and we decided to head down to the shelter for a better look.

Upon our first meeting, we were not 100% that Jack was going to be a good addition to our family, 
but the people at the shelter told us we had 2 weeks to try things out and decide if it's a good fit. 
We took Jack home and he quickly showed us what a great dog he is. 
He's house-broken, knows all the basic commands, 
walks great on a leash, 
caught on very quickly to my "no dogs in the kitchen" rule, etc.

It has been so much fun having a dog! 
We love taking him for walks around the neighborhood, hikes, and to the dog parks. 
His only "issue" is some aggression/anxiety around other dogs. 
But, fear not. 
We start obedience classes on Wednesday!

Here's some pictures of Jack...
First things first. Trip to the vet.

Then, a bath.

Then, the fun stuff! Hiking and dog parks!

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chrissymjensen said...

Hola! Cute blog!
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I think its she has awesome recipes you might like!
Love you, MO!