Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dog Abuse

I'm pretty sure this could be abuse. Ben and I were at Target earlier today when we saw Halloween costumes for dogs. Now, we're not those crazy "dress up the dog" dog owners...typically. But, we made an exception today when we saw the Jack-O-Lantern (which is what Ben often calls Jack) costume. The only problem was that the largest size fit dogs up to 30 pounds. Jack weighs a little over 45 pounds. We decided that the $5 it cost was well worth the laughs we'd get. And it was!
We crammed Jack into the costume and he looked like a stuffed sausage! 
I love the first picture...he doesn't look amused AT ALL.

But then he lightened up a bit.
I'm thinking that we could solve the dog hair issue if we had a full body suit for him! :)


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Hahaha. You guys are so funny! Can't wait to see what you do to your children! =)
Love you lots!

Ben and Melissa said...

We already feel sorry for any children God allows us to have. Between the dressing up and the busting out in very bad musicial-style songs all the time, our kids are going to hate us!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

waiting for some new updates with you guys!

katie said...

melissa and ben, i literally laughed out loud at work, when I read/saw this blog today. My co-worker probably thinks I am a little crazy now. SO funny!!