Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Review

Rarely do we have weekends that are eventful enough to justify a blog post, but I believe this was one.

1. Christmas Parties Galore!  We both had our work parties this weekend. It's fun getting all prettied up every once and awhile.

The party at The Colorado Springs School was so beautiful. I wish I had pictures from it. It was all 1908 themed. All candlelight!

Ben's SFP party was at his boss' home. It, too, was absolutely gorgeous. Ben was very excited about winning the ping-pong tournament.

(He stripped down to his "Optimus Prime says Stay in School" t-shirt for the big match.)

2. We purchased and put up our first Christmas tree! This project was neither of our favorite activities to do together. We chose and purchased our $30 King Soopers tree,

stuck it in Ben's car, brought it home, and then battled with getting it in the crappy, old tree stand I had. In the end, I drove to the store and bought a new one. We were both happy when that was all over.

Our house smells so good now!!

3. Festival of Lights!  Jonathan, Jen, Ben, and I ventured downtown for the Christmas Parade. Definitely some interesting sights to be seen down there. :)

4. Family Day!  The Boltons all gathered together for lunch and the taking of the annual family Christmas picture. I'll post that when we get it.  Then, Ben and I decided to take our Christmas picture as well.

Here are our favorites...

5. Ben gave me an early Christmas present! A new camera!! I have loved my "old" one to death. I'm excited!! I love it! (Can you tell by the over-usage of exclamation marks?)


We headed to Franklin, TN to Mom and Papa's new house for Thanksgiving this year. It was a blast!

I've GOT to be better at taking pictures!!  I didn't take any from Thanksgiving dinner, or any of my sister and my 4 beautiful nephews and nieces. Shame on me!

Cassie and Luke

Mom and Papa

Ben and Will


In the airport..."The Curious Benjamin Bolton"