Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Valentine's Day of (mostly) Awesomeness

Ben and I decided that we would have a day of random activities. Our primary goal was to just spend some time together. 

Here's what the day looked like:

1. We woke up to a fresh snowfall. The trees were so beautiful that we decided to head out to the backyard to take a picture.

2. We decided that anytime we were in the car we would listen to the "Love" station on XM radio. Cheesiest. Music. Ever. What was concerning was that I knew almost all of the songs played...ones Ben had never heard before. Once again, I blame my mom for this. I have filled my memory with the lyrics of so many terrible songs that now I have a hard time remembering where I parked my car.  It was painful, but we did it!

3. We had breakfast at Denny's. Neither of us had ever been there (that we recall) and their commercial made us laugh, so we went for it. It was EXACTLY what we expected...

Our server: 

Menus with pictures of the food on it:

Our spread:

I had to laugh when Ben ordered the "Grand Slamwich".  My only Denny's speciality was the "Pancake Hushpuppies". Other than that I stuck with the basics...eggs, grits, and toast. 

BUT! Here's what we didn't expect from Denny's...
The windows overlooked a death trap of an intersection!
While we were sitting there, we saw, not 1, not 2, but 4 traffic accidents!!!
The streets were more slick than they appeared. 

This one was the most concerning of the 4:

I looked out the window to see that street lamp falling on the 2 white cars. Pretty wild. 

4. Went to Walmart. Exciting, right? That's okay. It's not exciting for us, either. But we wanted to make a little care package for our friends, Justin and Victoria, who have a very sick little girl. You can read their story on their blog, "Moments With Moriah"
We also wanted to get the fixin's for our dinner. Where else can you get gifts AND groceries? The Walmart Supercenter! We hate Walmart. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. 

This is what Ben looks like when we go shopping:

We also decided that, since we're on a strict budget this year, we would limit our V-Day gifts to each other to $5...which was to be purchased on this trip together. Ben picked out a box of dark chocolates for me and I got him a card shuffler. 

5. Later in the afternoon, after Ben took a nap and I caught up with Grey's Anatomy, we went to Starbucks (with a V-Day gift card from one of my students!) with the assignment of ordering a drink for the other that we thought they had never had before. Success! I ordered Ben one of the new tea lattes and he got me an espresso truffle. Both were super yummy.  We also played a board of our favorite things to do.

6. We then headed home to make our Valentines dinner only to find this in our living room:

Jack went into the kitchen, took my chocolates, unwrapped them, opened the box, and ate all but 4 of them!! Wrappers included. I wanted to kill him. It's the next day while I write this and I'm still mad at him...and shopping for a kennel for him. 

We were determined to not let the dog ruin our dinner. And he didn't. It was wonderful! Cheese fondue with chicken, veggies, and bread.  Oh, and wine!  

For dessert, I made Ben one of his favorite desserts, strawberry pie. It was yummy. 

That's all! I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day as well!

Adult Prom

We kicked off Valentine's weekend by going to the "Adult Prom" with Craig and Valeri, who, by the way, won the "Best Dressed" award for the night. We tried, but just couldn't touch their dedication to coolness.

Ben and Craig tried to embarrass Michael with their dancing. Love it!

The Love Tunnel:

A Celebration of Hair:  (We both desperately need haircuts.)

With some of our Vanguard friends, Micah and Becca:


Saturday, February 7, 2009


1. The month began with me (Melissa) taking a trip to Houston for my friend, Ashlyn's, wedding. It was a super fun girls weekend. I flew down with Stefanie and Mandy and the 3 of us shared a hotel room. We had a blast! The wedding was beautiful and that night a big group of wedding attendees went out for some beverages and dancing. It was so much fun! Oh how I miss my Boulder girlfriends!!


2. Ben and I scored some free tickets to the Colorado College hockey game. We had a really good time, even though CC got whooped. 

3. The weather this past month has been pretty skitzo.  It will be FREEZING one week and then in the high 60's, even 70's, the next.  We went out to enjoy one of the beautiful sunny days by having an outdoor lunch at La'au's Taco Shop, then went for a walk on the Colorado College campus. Afterwards, we came home and took a nap on a blanket in the backyard. That night, we thought we'd bust out the fire pit we bought this past summer and never used. 

That's Shove Chapel (where we got married) behind us. Awe!

There were these weird stick hut things on campus. So, we got inside and took pictures. 


The fire was going well, all contained and such.  It seemed safe and legal.


But then, Ben stoked the DuraFlame and the flame was HUGE! I'm pretty sure this was some sort of fire safety violation. Thank you, neighbors, for not calling 911 on us. 


So, that's pretty much it for January. Nothing too, too exciting. Sometimes I think I should be a little better at updating this thing...I mean, more than once a month. We'll see.