Saturday, February 7, 2009


1. The month began with me (Melissa) taking a trip to Houston for my friend, Ashlyn's, wedding. It was a super fun girls weekend. I flew down with Stefanie and Mandy and the 3 of us shared a hotel room. We had a blast! The wedding was beautiful and that night a big group of wedding attendees went out for some beverages and dancing. It was so much fun! Oh how I miss my Boulder girlfriends!!


2. Ben and I scored some free tickets to the Colorado College hockey game. We had a really good time, even though CC got whooped. 

3. The weather this past month has been pretty skitzo.  It will be FREEZING one week and then in the high 60's, even 70's, the next.  We went out to enjoy one of the beautiful sunny days by having an outdoor lunch at La'au's Taco Shop, then went for a walk on the Colorado College campus. Afterwards, we came home and took a nap on a blanket in the backyard. That night, we thought we'd bust out the fire pit we bought this past summer and never used. 

That's Shove Chapel (where we got married) behind us. Awe!

There were these weird stick hut things on campus. So, we got inside and took pictures. 


The fire was going well, all contained and such.  It seemed safe and legal.


But then, Ben stoked the DuraFlame and the flame was HUGE! I'm pretty sure this was some sort of fire safety violation. Thank you, neighbors, for not calling 911 on us. 


So, that's pretty much it for January. Nothing too, too exciting. Sometimes I think I should be a little better at updating this thing...I mean, more than once a month. We'll see. 

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Chrissy said...

Hey girl! We have a fire pit... I heart the firepit... so fun and cozy... pretty sure our neighbors are using it as their friendly reminder to pay their homeowners insurance on time.
Miss you!!