Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Day in Boulder & Megan's 30th Birthday!

We've been planning to visit Boulder for awhile now.
Yesterday was the day!
It was sunny and beautiful. 
A perfect day for a little road trip to see some friends.

-I abandoned Ben and Jack to go have lunch and a margarita with "the cruise girls".  
It was SO good to catch up with them and reminisce about our Spring Breaks-O-Fun. 

We had mini-margaritas. They were tiny, cute, and tasty. 

-Then, Stefanie and I met up with Ben and Jack and went for a little walk around the 29th Street Mall, and then down to Pearl Street to try out a little bakery I've been hearing about, Tee & Cakes
They make all kinds of crazy flavors of cupcakes. But, by 3:00 they only had 2 flavors left: Triple Chocolate and Chocolate Bacon. 
Yes, bacon...the salty meat from pigs. 
Ben was so brave to try it!  
It was actually pretty good! 
It was a maple cupcake with chocolate frosting and bacon sprinkled on top.
Hey! Don't knock it 'till you try it, right?

- We walked around Pearl St. for a little while. 
Ben was so compliant when I said, "Hey! Run out into the middle of the street and let me take your picture!" 
He gave me a quick look that said, "Are you serious??", but then darted out into the road.  
I love Ben. 
He's the best.

-That night, we went to Longmont to celebrate Megan's 30th birthday!  
It was great to see her and all the other preschool girls. 
I miss them!

Jack behaved himself (Thank the Lord!) and I even got a picture of him with Skylar. 
I think they get along because both of them would rather be with people than another dog. 
They coexist with each other, not play. 
Playing is for those OTHER breeds of dogs. 
Not us herding dogs, right Skylar and Jack?

The only time Jack got a little feisty was when a white, furry snake came and sat by my head. 
I honestly believe that cats have a sixth sense for those who aren't "cat people". 
Then, they go out of their way to be near them. 
I think I may have an irrational fear of cats.  
Oh, and I hate when people say, "But you haven't met myyyyyyy cat." 
Hate to break it to all y'all, but your cat is just like the others. 
Trust me. 

Ben playing Guitar Hero. 
Jack saying, "Can we go home now? How 'bout now? Now?"
He slept the entire way back to the Springs. 

What a wonderful day!
Let's do it again tomorrow!
Spring Break is over now.

Spring Break, Day 5: Snow, baking, coffee, games, girl time...

- Woke up and saw lots of snow! 
Ben tried to decide if there was enough snow for his work to declare a snow day or not. 
In the end, he decided it wasn't THAT bad. 
So, he went to work. 
About 30 minutes later, he called to say he's on his way home. 
He got a snow day!

- It was all dreary and cold, so naturally, I made cookies! 

-This is how Jack likes to spend his snow days:

-Later that afternoon, we met Mike, Cathy, Rachel, and Katie at Pikes Perk to play some games.  It was super fun!

Mike, Ben, and Rachel

Cathy, Katie, and I displaying the games like a bunch of goobs

I love this picture! 
They (except for Rachel) were contemplating the next game we should play, weighing the pros and cons of each. 
That was some serious board game playing!

-That night, I went over to Rachel and Katie's house for some girl time and to see Molly, the cutest puppy I know!

Good week! 
I wish every week was Spring Break. 
Maybe we should play the lottery.
I often remind Ben that "we can't win if we don't play!"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break- Day 4: Groceries, new friend, snow, more snow...

- One thing I learned from living in Memphis...when the weather peeps predict snow, people raid the grocery stores in fear they may be stuck in their homes for weeks. 
Well, I had already planned to go to the store today since  we were VERY low on food. 
So, I figured I'd go early in the morning, at 7:45, to beat the crowds.  
It's a good time for shopping. 
It's not crowded...just a few older ladies.  
I got a cup of coffee and off I went!


I think fresh fruits and veggies are so pretty!

- When I got home, I gave Jack the "butt" of a loaf of bread. Random, I know. 
He carried it around in the house for a little while before eating it. 
I think he wasn't sure if he was REALLY allowed to eat a whole piece of bread. 
He looked funny.

- I had an hour before meeting a friend for lunch, so I really tried to tackle the guest room. 
Made quite a bit of progress! 
I loaded up a huge lawn bag of clothes to take to Goodwill. 
Go me!

- Lunch with my new friend, Rachel, at Panera. 
She's a super cool girl. 
It was fun to get to know her better.

- While at lunch, the snow began to fall. 
On the way out to my car there were big, fat snowflakes. 
You know, the kind where you just HAVE to catch them on your tongue. 
So I did.  
I ate snowflakes all the way to my car.  
I'm sure I looked really cool. 

- By the time I got home, the yard looked like this:
Jack liked it.

- It continued to snow, and snow, all day/night. 
This was the view out our front window at the beginning of the "blizzard":

- Then, I finished the guest room!!!
It's nothing special, but we have a clean room and a bed for guests.
Any takers? 
Jess and Scott??

- Ben got to leave work early, so that was fun! 
We played games and drank hot chocolate with Baileys to celebrate.

- Then, we ate dinner (Turkey burgers and veggies) and watched The Office. 
I love that show.

Spring Break- Day 3: Cleaning, socializing for humans and dogs, distractions...

- Cleaned up the house a little
- Took a shower (It had been WAY too long.)
- Met up with Jen and Cathy at Barnes and Noble for some magazine perusing and chatting
- Came home and had lunch
- Took Jack to the dog park.  
This what I see in the rear-view mirror and it makes me happy to see him so happy!

- Upon returning home, I am determined to tackle some of the projects I told myself I'd do this week.  
But, I feel like that mouse in "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"...without the cookies, unfortunately. 

Example: It's time to clean the garage. 
This is what it looks like:

(...deep breath...where to start?)

But then I opened a box and found my hammock!
And if you give a girl a hammock, she's gonna want to hang it in the backyard.
And, when she's finished hanging it, she's gonna want to test it out and take a self-portrait with the timer to prove that she hung it somewhat safely. :)

And once the hammock is hung, her hands are dirty, so she ventures back inside to wash her hands. 
But then she sees the guest room and remembers that she really needs to clean it. 
This is what it looks like:

But then, she turns around and sees her old sewing machine. 
Seeing the old sewing machine makes her want to take a black and white photo of it...

Just as she's about to really focus on cleaning the guest room, her husband gets home from work! 
Oh well, maybe tomorrows the day for cleaning.

- Since we didn't have any food in the house...well, nothing obvious to make for dinner,  we went out to "On the Border" for some happy hour/dinner goodness. 
I had a margarita the size of my face. Yummy! 
-Afterwards, we decided to walk around a bit before driving home. 
So we went to Best Buy where we played Rock Band and I lusted after new kitchen appliances. 

All in all, good day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break, Day 2: Make money, spend money, home improvements, gardening...

- Had coffee and breakfast with Ben

- Loaded up clothes to take to the consignment shop (+$55!)

- Sold Ben's old coffee table on Craigslist (+$20!)

- Went to Walmart (-$78.)

- Met Ben for lunch

- Replaced this: 
(I HATE vertical blinds with a burning passion!) 

With this:
(I hate this less.)

-Planted some herbs and veggies

I hope they grow! I'd really like to have a little garden this summer.

-Watched more stupid TV.  "Make Me a Supermodel", or something. 

-Set up a sewing table! 
While at Walmart, I walked up an down the fabric aisles for at least 20 minutes looking for some inspiration...nothing!  
Maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break- Day 1: Paint, clean, dogs, dance...

- Painted the wall in the Living Room

- Cleaned the kitchen

- Moved around some furniture in Ben's office and the guest room

- Watched some stupid TV, like "Bringing Home Baby" on TLC

- Ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

- Met up with Cathy, Jen, and Carey at the dog park. Jack did a great job!!

- Made dinner...turkey burgers, quinoa, and veggies...yum!

- Went to Zumba with Katie, Rachel, and Carey

- Stayed up too late doing nothing

Ahh! I love spring break. 
However, this one is significantly different from the ones I've had the last 4 years. 

2005 Road Trip to LA/Malibu  (Me, Stef, and Laura)

2006 Cabo   (Stefanie and I)

2007 Cruise   (Marcia, Ash, Me, Stef)

2008 Cruise  (Me, Ash, and Stef...Marcia was taking the picture.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ben's Birthday, Part 2

The next day, we celebrated with the family.

Here are a few pictures...

I was really hoping for a misspelling on the cake. 
Maybe something like this from Cake Wrecks.

I bought these "Nose Masks" months ago. I think they're hilarious.
(Yep. I work with 5 year olds.)
I LOVE this one:

Ben's Birthday, Part 1

We celebrated Ben's 28th year of life by throwing a B-themed party for him with our new and wonderful k-group friends!

The plan was to have a potluck dinner (with B-foods) at our house, then head to the Golden Bee. However, we had to conjure up a quick plan-B (hahaha!) when we discovered there was a 2 hour wait. So, we came back to our house for more food, drinks, and Guitar Hero playing. Oh, and we wore B outfits. We made Ben a special birthday shirt and I was Blue.

Megan and Stef came down from Boulder to celebrate with us!
I love my Boulder girlfriends and miss them so much.

Mike, Ben, and Chris (awaiting their turn to play)

Kevin and Caleb demonstrating their Guitar Hero skillz.

Oh, how fun it is to have friends in the Springs!! I'm so thankful for meeting these awesome girls!

Rachel, Me, Rachel, Sarah, and Cathy

Sarah, Cathy, Jen, and I

Rachel and Katie

Ben, donning his awesome birthday crown. (Thanks, Stef!)

We think that at one point we had 14 people in our little house. It was a tight squeeze!

Even Jack had a good time.

Distracted me didn't pull out my camera in time to get most of the fun costume action. Rats! 
We had all changed to go out in public by the time most of these were taken.

However, had there been a contest, Jennifer and Garrett definitely would have won with their banana and box of bubble wrap costumes. Awesome.