Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ben's Birthday, Part 1

We celebrated Ben's 28th year of life by throwing a B-themed party for him with our new and wonderful k-group friends!

The plan was to have a potluck dinner (with B-foods) at our house, then head to the Golden Bee. However, we had to conjure up a quick plan-B (hahaha!) when we discovered there was a 2 hour wait. So, we came back to our house for more food, drinks, and Guitar Hero playing. Oh, and we wore B outfits. We made Ben a special birthday shirt and I was Blue.

Megan and Stef came down from Boulder to celebrate with us!
I love my Boulder girlfriends and miss them so much.

Mike, Ben, and Chris (awaiting their turn to play)

Kevin and Caleb demonstrating their Guitar Hero skillz.

Oh, how fun it is to have friends in the Springs!! I'm so thankful for meeting these awesome girls!

Rachel, Me, Rachel, Sarah, and Cathy

Sarah, Cathy, Jen, and I

Rachel and Katie

Ben, donning his awesome birthday crown. (Thanks, Stef!)

We think that at one point we had 14 people in our little house. It was a tight squeeze!

Even Jack had a good time.

Distracted me didn't pull out my camera in time to get most of the fun costume action. Rats! 
We had all changed to go out in public by the time most of these were taken.

However, had there been a contest, Jennifer and Garrett definitely would have won with their banana and box of bubble wrap costumes. Awesome. 

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