Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Day in Boulder & Megan's 30th Birthday!

We've been planning to visit Boulder for awhile now.
Yesterday was the day!
It was sunny and beautiful. 
A perfect day for a little road trip to see some friends.

-I abandoned Ben and Jack to go have lunch and a margarita with "the cruise girls".  
It was SO good to catch up with them and reminisce about our Spring Breaks-O-Fun. 

We had mini-margaritas. They were tiny, cute, and tasty. 

-Then, Stefanie and I met up with Ben and Jack and went for a little walk around the 29th Street Mall, and then down to Pearl Street to try out a little bakery I've been hearing about, Tee & Cakes
They make all kinds of crazy flavors of cupcakes. But, by 3:00 they only had 2 flavors left: Triple Chocolate and Chocolate Bacon. 
Yes, bacon...the salty meat from pigs. 
Ben was so brave to try it!  
It was actually pretty good! 
It was a maple cupcake with chocolate frosting and bacon sprinkled on top.
Hey! Don't knock it 'till you try it, right?

- We walked around Pearl St. for a little while. 
Ben was so compliant when I said, "Hey! Run out into the middle of the street and let me take your picture!" 
He gave me a quick look that said, "Are you serious??", but then darted out into the road.  
I love Ben. 
He's the best.

-That night, we went to Longmont to celebrate Megan's 30th birthday!  
It was great to see her and all the other preschool girls. 
I miss them!

Jack behaved himself (Thank the Lord!) and I even got a picture of him with Skylar. 
I think they get along because both of them would rather be with people than another dog. 
They coexist with each other, not play. 
Playing is for those OTHER breeds of dogs. 
Not us herding dogs, right Skylar and Jack?

The only time Jack got a little feisty was when a white, furry snake came and sat by my head. 
I honestly believe that cats have a sixth sense for those who aren't "cat people". 
Then, they go out of their way to be near them. 
I think I may have an irrational fear of cats.  
Oh, and I hate when people say, "But you haven't met myyyyyyy cat." 
Hate to break it to all y'all, but your cat is just like the others. 
Trust me. 

Ben playing Guitar Hero. 
Jack saying, "Can we go home now? How 'bout now? Now?"
He slept the entire way back to the Springs. 

What a wonderful day!
Let's do it again tomorrow!
Spring Break is over now.


Mark, Danielle and Asher said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun...Boulder has such great culture!

Um, and totally with you on the cat thing. I absolutely cannot stand them and they always seem to come up to me and want to be annoying! :) Dogs are way better!

littlelake said...

uber fun!!

It was so fun hanging out with y'all today, I'm so glad Molly and Jack got along...fabulous!

and P.s. you and Ben are so stinkin' funny!!!

I should try one of them there cupcakes!! Put it right there (pointing to my mouth), yep right there...(again I'm pointing to my mouth)

Mandy said...

hey email me and then we'll have each other's email addresses