Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break, Day 2: Make money, spend money, home improvements, gardening...

- Had coffee and breakfast with Ben

- Loaded up clothes to take to the consignment shop (+$55!)

- Sold Ben's old coffee table on Craigslist (+$20!)

- Went to Walmart (-$78.)

- Met Ben for lunch

- Replaced this: 
(I HATE vertical blinds with a burning passion!) 

With this:
(I hate this less.)

-Planted some herbs and veggies

I hope they grow! I'd really like to have a little garden this summer.

-Watched more stupid TV.  "Make Me a Supermodel", or something. 

-Set up a sewing table! 
While at Walmart, I walked up an down the fabric aisles for at least 20 minutes looking for some inspiration...nothing!  
Maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

i like jack looking at your seed starter

Ben and Melissa said...

He's probably wondering if it's edible.