Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break- Day 4: Groceries, new friend, snow, more snow...

- One thing I learned from living in Memphis...when the weather peeps predict snow, people raid the grocery stores in fear they may be stuck in their homes for weeks. 
Well, I had already planned to go to the store today since  we were VERY low on food. 
So, I figured I'd go early in the morning, at 7:45, to beat the crowds.  
It's a good time for shopping. 
It's not crowded...just a few older ladies.  
I got a cup of coffee and off I went!


I think fresh fruits and veggies are so pretty!

- When I got home, I gave Jack the "butt" of a loaf of bread. Random, I know. 
He carried it around in the house for a little while before eating it. 
I think he wasn't sure if he was REALLY allowed to eat a whole piece of bread. 
He looked funny.

- I had an hour before meeting a friend for lunch, so I really tried to tackle the guest room. 
Made quite a bit of progress! 
I loaded up a huge lawn bag of clothes to take to Goodwill. 
Go me!

- Lunch with my new friend, Rachel, at Panera. 
She's a super cool girl. 
It was fun to get to know her better.

- While at lunch, the snow began to fall. 
On the way out to my car there were big, fat snowflakes. 
You know, the kind where you just HAVE to catch them on your tongue. 
So I did.  
I ate snowflakes all the way to my car.  
I'm sure I looked really cool. 

- By the time I got home, the yard looked like this:
Jack liked it.

- It continued to snow, and snow, all day/night. 
This was the view out our front window at the beginning of the "blizzard":

- Then, I finished the guest room!!!
It's nothing special, but we have a clean room and a bed for guests.
Any takers? 
Jess and Scott??

- Ben got to leave work early, so that was fun! 
We played games and drank hot chocolate with Baileys to celebrate.

- Then, we ate dinner (Turkey burgers and veggies) and watched The Office. 
I love that show.

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Emily & Amelia said...

All of your Spring Break posts have cracked me up this week!!