Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rocky Top

Last Friday morning I got up early and caught a flight to Knoxville to spend the weekend with my mom and watch my brother's baseball games.

It was super fun!
The weather was amazing, sunny and warm everyday!
I loved getting to spend so much time outside.

Mom and I at one of the games.

Will and Mom. We went to dinner at this super cool place.

I probably shouldn't have been taking pictures during the National Anthem.
Hindsight, 20-20.

I got to meet Will's girlfriend, Mackenzie. 
She's a great girl!

Everything was so GREEN!
It was nice to be back in the humid South for a few days.

Smokey and I.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend!
Thanks, Mom!
You're the greatest!


This is our fish, Sean.
 I bought him almost a year ago around the time we were about to get married and his roommate, Sean, was moving out. 
He's been a good fish.
He's been dying for about 2 weeks.
Literally, I everytime I walk past his bowl I see him lying on the rocks and am convinced he's dead.
But he's not! 
When I move the bowl, he jumps to life again.
It's a miracle!
Part of me thinks it would be best to just go ahead and flush him.
But, his bowl is so calm and peaceful. 
What to do, what do do...

And this is our friend, Sean.
We like him a lot. 
He moved to California to chase his dreams, or something. 
Come back, Sean!
We miss you!

The Incline and Cadbury

I'm going to play  a little bit of catch up now.
I haven't been very good at keeping up with this lately.

Okay, here we go...

Rachel and I hiked the incline together. 
It was hard and I was sore for about 3 days after.
I should do it more. 
Rachel blogged about it here

Hiking with a smile...
(Right, Rachel??)

At the top!!

Here's the best part.
I had a Cadbury Creme Egg on the counter since Easter.
I allow myself one a year and it's a big deal to me.
But, I told myself I couldn't have it until I do some active enough to merit it. 
That day, I did!
And that chocolate creme-filled egg was absolutely AMAZING.
I'd do the incline a lot more often if I could have a creme egg each time. :)
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Snow Day!

I had my first official snow day yesterday! 
We've had two 2-hour-delays, but this is our first (and probably only) snow day this year. 
I tried as hard as I could to go back to sleep, but failed.
I was too excited.
I felt like a 10 year old again.
So, I decided to make cinnamon rolls while Ben was sleeping.
(He had the day off, too.)

They were yummy.

Ben makes me laugh...a lot.
He came in the kitchen and said, "Let's jump up and down until we get tired!"
I agreed to the challenge.
Then, I got my camera out and took a picture of Ben jumping.
He jumped out of the shot.

Later, Rachel and Molly came over!
We decided to go on a hunt for more Wiimotes. 
We brought the dogs.

Then, Katie came over, too!
We ate yummy pizza, played Wii, laughed, made fun of the dogs, and all in all, had a great night.

It's happening!

 Remember this from a few weeks ago?

Now look at it!

We may actually have a garden this year!

She's crafty.

Pretty much everytime I hear the word "crafty" I think of the Beastie Boys song.
(If you want to hear what part I'm referring to, just go to 1:04.)

The other day Ben and I went to the thrift store.
I bought this for my little sewing/craft table.
It's kinda boring and plain looking.

So, I had an idea!

There. That's better.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A glimpse into my classroom

(Look at me! 
I'm on a blog-writing roll!  
Not sure if I should be admitting this seeing as it's a Friday night and I'm writing blog posts. 
I'm a dork.)

Sometimes I honestly believe I could make a lot of money by writing a book of all the crazy/funny things I've heard kids say. 
This is my 10th year working with 2-6 year olds. 
They crack me up!

Pete: (walking into the classroom from the bathroom) Mrs. Bolton, my sleeve is all wet.
Me: Why is your sleeve wet?
Pete: Because I washed it out in the sink.
Me: Why did you do that?
Pete: Because I got a little poop on it while wiping. But that's okay because I washed it off in the sink.
Me: Um...let's get a new shirt for you. 

Then, I said something completely ridiculous.  
"That's okay. That happens sometimes."

That happens sometimes??!!
It doesn't. 
Sorry, Pete. 
I was just trying to make you feel better.

I LOVE the kiddos in my class! 
They're the sweetest, most fun, group of kids. 
They keep me on my toes and make me laugh all the time. 
They are eager to learn and love discovering new things. 
I often wonder what they'll be doing when they're 30.
I wish I could implant some sort of tracking device into them so I can find them later on in life. 
That sounds kind of creepy.
I didn't mean it in a creepy way. 


It's our 300th day of marriage!
I can't believe you forgot this tremendous milestone!
Not one person has called or emailed us with a congratulations. 
We'll forgive you...this time.

Honestly we keep up with the days (thanks to an iPhone application) to justify a celebration. 
Today, we went to have sushi!


Later, we took Jack to the dog park.
He behaved himself, for the most part.
He got a little stressed when we were leaving and there were a bunch of dogs and owners congregated around the gate. 
Dog park pet peeve: (Hahaha! Pet peeve!)
People who go to the dog park just to stand there and let their dogs run around them. 
Move, people! Play fetch, go for a walk! Whatever you do, just please move away from the only gate in/out of the park!!
Now that I have that off my chest, 
here's a cute picture of Ben and Jack:


(Just to support my rant, there were about 10-15 dogs at the park. See any behind Ben and Jack?)

On the way home, we went by BJ's Velvet Freeze to find out what the hype is all about. 
SO good!
Very deserving of the hype.

Infinitely more important than our 300th day of marriage, Happy Good Friday!
Sounds weird to say that when it wasn't really a happy day.
Jesus took on brutal beatings and died on the cross for us.
But, we know that a few days later God fulfilled his promise and Jesus rose from the grave.
So, I'll stick with the "Happy" part. 
Thank you, Jesus, for taking on my sins so I can spend eternity with you!

it's gray.

I debated whether or not this was blog worthy.
But, since I'm only doing this to document our lives, 
(primarily since I have the worst memory ever)
I decided I should.

2 weeks ago today, I found my first gray hair. 
It was late at night and I was getting ready for bed.
I thought maybe my tired eyes were deceiving me. 
They weren't. 
This is what I saw:

I couldn't believe it. 
Here I am with only 3 months left of my 20's and it had to show up.
I mean, really? 
It couldn't wait 3 short months??
I pulled it out and taped it to our bathroom mirror, 
knowing Ben wouldn't believe me unless I had proof.

The next morning, I showed it to him.
He asked, "Are you sure that's not a Jack hair?"

Here's a picture comparing my gray hair to Jack's hair:

Nope, not a Jack hair. 

Luckily, I haven't found any more.
Granted, I haven't gone searching either.
I think it's best that way.

I want to be crafty.

It's true. 
I'd love to be one of those people who make really cool things, like all those Etsy people. 
But I'm not. 

The other day I pulled out my sewing machine in hopes that I could someday make something like this for a little girl:

And how cute is this?

So, I went to the fabric store looking for some inspiration.
Then, I tried to find the easiest project I could for some instant gratification. 
This is what resulted:
It's a potholder. 
I'm a LONG way from making cute clothes.
I'll keep practicing. 
Maybe I'll look in to a sewing class.