Friday, April 10, 2009


It's our 300th day of marriage!
I can't believe you forgot this tremendous milestone!
Not one person has called or emailed us with a congratulations. 
We'll forgive you...this time.

Honestly we keep up with the days (thanks to an iPhone application) to justify a celebration. 
Today, we went to have sushi!


Later, we took Jack to the dog park.
He behaved himself, for the most part.
He got a little stressed when we were leaving and there were a bunch of dogs and owners congregated around the gate. 
Dog park pet peeve: (Hahaha! Pet peeve!)
People who go to the dog park just to stand there and let their dogs run around them. 
Move, people! Play fetch, go for a walk! Whatever you do, just please move away from the only gate in/out of the park!!
Now that I have that off my chest, 
here's a cute picture of Ben and Jack:


(Just to support my rant, there were about 10-15 dogs at the park. See any behind Ben and Jack?)

On the way home, we went by BJ's Velvet Freeze to find out what the hype is all about. 
SO good!
Very deserving of the hype.

Infinitely more important than our 300th day of marriage, Happy Good Friday!
Sounds weird to say that when it wasn't really a happy day.
Jesus took on brutal beatings and died on the cross for us.
But, we know that a few days later God fulfilled his promise and Jesus rose from the grave.
So, I'll stick with the "Happy" part. 
Thank you, Jesus, for taking on my sins so I can spend eternity with you!


littlelake said...

Thanks for not calling it just "BJ's" like a certain roommate of mine! hahaha

You make me laugh outloud!

Chrissy said...

Hey! We went out for sushi last night, too! It was my first "real" experience with sushi and I actually liked it a lot! I surprised myself! When you guys come visit again we will go somewhere for sushi together!
We can't come visit there or I am afraid Paul will put our house on the market and try to move back there... he misses CO so badly!