Friday, April 10, 2009

I want to be crafty.

It's true. 
I'd love to be one of those people who make really cool things, like all those Etsy people. 
But I'm not. 

The other day I pulled out my sewing machine in hopes that I could someday make something like this for a little girl:

And how cute is this?

So, I went to the fabric store looking for some inspiration.
Then, I tried to find the easiest project I could for some instant gratification. 
This is what resulted:
It's a potholder. 
I'm a LONG way from making cute clothes.
I'll keep practicing. 
Maybe I'll look in to a sewing class.


littlelake said...

You'll have to meet my mom when she comes to visit over Mother's Day weekend. She's an AH-mazing seamstress.

She made me all kinds of clothes growing up, she's made wedding dresses and currently sews for an interior decorator. She could give ya some tips.

kendra said...

well it's a darn cute potholder! :-)

jennifer d. said...

i am looking for a sewing class right now! we should do one together! i would love that!