Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This is our fish, Sean.
 I bought him almost a year ago around the time we were about to get married and his roommate, Sean, was moving out. 
He's been a good fish.
He's been dying for about 2 weeks.
Literally, I everytime I walk past his bowl I see him lying on the rocks and am convinced he's dead.
But he's not! 
When I move the bowl, he jumps to life again.
It's a miracle!
Part of me thinks it would be best to just go ahead and flush him.
But, his bowl is so calm and peaceful. 
What to do, what do do...

And this is our friend, Sean.
We like him a lot. 
He moved to California to chase his dreams, or something. 
Come back, Sean!
We miss you!

1 comment:

The Verb said...

I hope this wasn't some kind of voodoo fish. I have been lying around a lot lately, but I think that's more because I'm lazy than dying.