Saturday, April 18, 2009

Snow Day!

I had my first official snow day yesterday! 
We've had two 2-hour-delays, but this is our first (and probably only) snow day this year. 
I tried as hard as I could to go back to sleep, but failed.
I was too excited.
I felt like a 10 year old again.
So, I decided to make cinnamon rolls while Ben was sleeping.
(He had the day off, too.)

They were yummy.

Ben makes me laugh...a lot.
He came in the kitchen and said, "Let's jump up and down until we get tired!"
I agreed to the challenge.
Then, I got my camera out and took a picture of Ben jumping.
He jumped out of the shot.

Later, Rachel and Molly came over!
We decided to go on a hunt for more Wiimotes. 
We brought the dogs.

Then, Katie came over, too!
We ate yummy pizza, played Wii, laughed, made fun of the dogs, and all in all, had a great night.


littlelake said...

yeah snow days, thanks for the chill time!!

littlelake said...

ok that was katie under my name.

littlelake said...

It was a fun, might I say spectaculous day! Thanks for letting me come crash at y'alls house!

p.s. the black and white did do wonders

I'm glad we're friends now, too bad we didn't meet sooner in life. That would have made for even more good times....on to the future of fun!

littlelake said...

Hey now!! You save that "wildcat" talk for where it belongs! ;o)