Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It's pronounced dahm-in-EE-kuh.
It's true.
Go here if you want to read some guy's rant about people pronouncing it wrong.

We got off the vessel, found a taxi driver, and went on a little tour of the island.

Papa with Donald, our driver.
Nice guy, that Donald.

We thought it was pretty cool to be driving around seeing all kinds of vegetation.
In this picture below, you can see a pineapple plant and bananas on a tree.
Also, the house plants we have grow like weeds there.
In Dominica, you can go into the forest and take whatever you'd like to build your house, like bamboo.
I think that's neat.

I thought I was pretending to lick sugar cane.
I love sugar, so it only seemed right to lick the source.
Then, a local told me it's not sugar cane.
It's bamboo.

After the little tour, we had lunch at a Creole restaurant.
It was a very cute little place that Donald recommended.
Yummy food!

This was our only non-beach day.
That was probably for the best though, since someone got pretty sunburned the day before. :)

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