Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not everything was perfect.

Our friend, Sarah, mentioned she was envious of our vacation plans.
So, we set out to capture the not-so-glorious aspects of our trip.
I think we succeeded.

The Atlanta airport.
Our gate was packed full of people.
Where's Ben?
On our flight, Ben had the cutest little boy sitting behind him.
He kicked Ben's seat the majority of the flight.
Next to me was a whistler.
Who whistles on an airplane??!!

This is where our suitcase was stranded.
Stuck somewhere between where they load them and where we get them.
We had to wait a LONG time to retrieve it.

Our gorgeous view from the hotel.

This is a good one.
(Well, not really good.)

Here's the scene:
It's time for the sail-away in San Juan.
Music, drinks, tons of people on deck dancing and waiting to sail off.
"It's electric, boogie woog.."

"BING-BONG" (Over the loud PA system)

This is mom listening to the startling announcement.

"Dear guests and crew,
We are sorry to inform you that a crew member has died.
The proper officials are on board now and we will depart once the investigation is complete.
Please keep this crew member's family in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you."

Moments after,
"...gie, woogie! Now you can't hold it. It's electric, boogie woogie woogie."
And everyone continued with their little line dance.
We were horrified at how quickly the "Fun ship" resumed their production.
Later, we received a letter that said the crew member had committed suicide.

The beach is all calm and peaceful until SOMEONE feeds a seagull.


Our disturbing "towel animal".

Sometimes, you just want a picture of your sweet server, Israel.
But, you can't take a picture in the dining room without getting mermaid boobies in your photo.
I hate that.

Cue song.
"This is the air I breathe..."

And, lastly, the view from the San Juan airport hotel, where we stayed the night before flying back to Colorado:
About mid-picture is the runway.
We heard every plane take off.

There you go.
Our vacation wasn't perfect.

Just almost perfect. :)


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

you're hilarious. still wish we were there. except not on the ship...just on the islands ;-)
love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty rough...strange things to complain about.

Ben and Melissa said...

Mr/Ms Anonymous,
I was being facetious.
Trust me, there was no complaining on that trip.
I'd go back in a heartbeat.
The post was meant to be funny.
At least Victoria gets my sense of humor! :)
I'll try harder next time.


Chrissy said...

Hey girl... ignore all anonymous-es. I thought it was a GREAT post! I feel much better now! Ha ha!
Love you!

Jill Dupras said...

you are too funny!!! i miss your crazy sense of humor and so does jeff!