Wednesday, June 24, 2009

San Juan

I promise to not intentionally bore you with pictures I already put on Facebook.
Oh no, these are brand-spanking new ones!

One of the many statues/fountains in San Juan.
It's us with a bunch of naked people behind us.

The wall that surrounds the fort.
I was going for the Senior picture pose.

Ben and Papa were both quite intrigued with the wall.
In this photo they're studying it.
A moment later, they annouce, "It's not real! It's been sprayed on!"
They were disappointed.
I thought it was funny.

I love when I say something like, "Hey Mom and Ben, go stand by the Mother-In-Law's tongue and I'll take your picture!"
"Oh, and stick out your tongue!"
And they do.
They're good sports with all my picture taking.

After walking around for awhile, we went to a restaurant called Mojito's.
If you go to a restaurant called Mojito's, you'd best try a mojito, right?
Don't worry.
We did.

This photo made us give Ben a nickname for a little while.

We also got a mofongo for lunch.
It'll make you want to slap your mama.
(I didn't though.)

After getting on the ship, we had our mandatory muster drill.
We took our mandatory "The ship's sinking" photo.
Check out the lady next to me.

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