Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jack found love

Ben and I are the first to admit that our dog is strange.
He doesn't do a lot of those typical dog behaviors.
For example, he doesn't play.
He's just now, at 6 years old, learning how to play with other dogs.
(Thanks to Molly and Sadie, our friends dogs...they're teaching him.)
He also doesn't play with toys.
We've bought him toys, but he wants nothing to do with them...

until now.

This is Jack's new love:
It's a pink possum that belongs to Molly, Rachel's dog.

Jack is obsessed with it.

He protects it, lays on it, and runs around the house squeaking it.
It's bizarre to us.

Sometimes, he places it in the kitchen.
Jack is not allowed in the kitchen.
He knows not to put his paws on the linoleum.
But, he allows the possum to go in.

Maybe he loves it so much because it belongs to Molly...his best dog friend.
Maybe it smells like her.
Who knows.
He's weird.

A Weekend with the Cruise Girls

This past weekend I hung out in Denver with Marcia, Ashlyn, and Stefanie...the cruise girls.
I mentioned our Spring Break adventures here.
We didn't take a trip together this year. :(
Therefore, we decided to take a little mini trip to Denver.
Here's what our weekend consisted of:

1. Met at the Marriott in Denver.
Ash works for Marriott, so she was able to get us a great deal on the room.
Great deal=free!!

2. Went to have a cupcake at a cute little shop in Parker, Nomelie Cupcakes.
We had Red Velvet and Lavender Honey.

3. Went to Park Meadows Mall for a bit.
I'm pretty sure I could spend thousands of dollars at Anthropologie.

4. Dinner at the Rio!
We love the Rio and their fantastic beverages.
We ate too much.

5. Went to a movie.
We saw The Hangover.
Funny at times.
Shockingly offensive at times.

6. Went back to the hotel where we stuck our feet in the jacuzzi for awhile.
Then watched some TV and crashed for the night.

7. Our first stop on Sunday morning was to The Duffyroll for breakfast.
(Thanks, Rachel, for the recommendation!)
It was fantastic!!
Cinnamon rolls that make you want to slap your mama.
If you get a chance, go there.
(Thanks, Google images, for the picture!)

8. Then, we ventured down to Old Pearl Street for the Farmer's Market.
We walked around, perused the shops, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

It was hot and crowded, but interesting, for sure!!

10. The last stop on our weekend-o-fun was another cupcake place, Cake Crumbs!


It was a great weekend!
I love these girls!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Sweet Homecoming

Sometimes, I get the desire to go to the airport to people watch.
I get teary every time I see a soldier reunite with his family and friends.
It's got to be one of the best things on earth!

Today, I got to be apart of the celebration!
Carey's husband, Steve, returned home today!

We had signs...

Awe! This is the best!!

I love Carey's face in this one...complete joy!

Happily reunited!

Thank you, Steve, for serving our country!

What a great Friday!

Holy Zucchini!

So far, we've pulled 5 of these bad boys out of the garden.
I've grilled it, made it into a casserole, baked some muffins...

I'm going to need more ideas. Anyone??

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independence Day!

The Pirate Party!
(Because why wouldn't you dress up as a pirate to celebrate our country's birthday?)

The hostess, Jennifer.
She throws a mean party.
You should have seen the decor!

No k-group party is complete without a little corn hole.

Colin and Holly

Katie and Rachel, riding their horses off into the sunset.
(And onto the golf course.)

Caleb and Sarah

Colin and Ben

Mike and Cathy

Rachel, Katie, and Me

Pirates playing Guitar Hero.

Then, we watched the Sky Sox fireworks from their backyard.

Fun night!
Lets do it again!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cattle drive!

This morning I read there was going to be a longhorn cattle drive through downtown Colorado Springs.
They DO that?
Ben wasn't 100% sold on the idea.
But he came around. :)
Rachel and Katie came with us!

Waiting for the action.

Sure enough.
Here they come!

The babies were so cute.

And there they go.

It was so bizarre.
Naturally, I brought beef jerky for us to snack on while we watched.
It came and went so quickly.
It made me laugh.
Such a strange tradition.
But, I like traditions.
Especially the strange ones.

Afterwards, we walked around downtown for awhile.


It's been a nice morning!