Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jack found love

Ben and I are the first to admit that our dog is strange.
He doesn't do a lot of those typical dog behaviors.
For example, he doesn't play.
He's just now, at 6 years old, learning how to play with other dogs.
(Thanks to Molly and Sadie, our friends dogs...they're teaching him.)
He also doesn't play with toys.
We've bought him toys, but he wants nothing to do with them...

until now.

This is Jack's new love:
It's a pink possum that belongs to Molly, Rachel's dog.

Jack is obsessed with it.

He protects it, lays on it, and runs around the house squeaking it.
It's bizarre to us.

Sometimes, he places it in the kitchen.
Jack is not allowed in the kitchen.
He knows not to put his paws on the linoleum.
But, he allows the possum to go in.

Maybe he loves it so much because it belongs to Molly...his best dog friend.
Maybe it smells like her.
Who knows.
He's weird.


katie said...

this is so cute.
Jack is fun.
I think that jack loves molly.
and she is his girlfriend.
I am glad they are sharing toys :)

Mandy said...

okay so the movie we saw was The Ugly Truth....pretty darn crass :)