Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Nelsons

I just wanted to write about some of my favorite people, the Nelsons.

I met Justin and Victoria through Cornerstone in Boulder.
They were in college and dating and looked like they were MAYBE 16 years old.
They're from California.
Justin said funny things like, "stoked" and "wicked".
Victoria is seriously one of the most beautiful people I know.
And she's going to hate some of the pictures I posted of her.
But, my hair in the pictures is WAY worse than any of the pictures of her. :)
She's one of those people who can make t-shirts and sweats look cute.
See? I don't lie.

I got to know them while volunteering with the youth group.
Vic and I led a Bible study with 6th grade girls.
It was a blast!
(With some of our girls. I'm on the far left, Vic is 3rd from the left.)

We also took some trips together with the youth.
One time we went with the kids to camp.
It was called "Extreme Kansas".
And, it was extreme.
It was at LEAST 100 degrees everyday.
No showers.
And we slept in tents.
I, to this day, have NO idea how Justin got her to come along!
Vic, even though she's far from an "outdoorsey" girl, was a trooper.

(L to R: Victoria, Katie, and Me)
See? I didn't lie about my hair.

One day we played that game where all the adults hide and the students try to see how many of us they can find.
Vic and I had a GENIUS plan!
We grabbed the keys to the van.
Jumped in.
Locked the doors.
Turned on the AC on full blast.
And then just laid on the van floor, in the AC heaven.
The students found us in no time.
They banged on the windows shouting, "We SEE you in there!!!!"
We ignored them.
I love that memory!

Victoria also worked at the preschool.
That was a blast!
I laughed every time one of her 2 1/2 year olds called her "Fattoria" or "Titoria".

(L to R): Victoria, Megan, Stefanie, and I)

(L to R: Stef, Megan, Me, Victoria, and Maggie)
THAT was a fun year at Mt. Hope!!

Vic and Justin also have one of those marriages we look up to.
Those two adore each other.
They help and serve each other.
They're best friends and it's evident being around them.
Its encouraging to say the least.

Almost 2 years ago, they moved back to California (where their families live) as they were expecting their first child.
Their precious little girl, Moriah, was born with a heart defect and CHARGE syndrome.
They have literally been in and out of the hospital since she was born, in January 2008.
I believe Moriah has been in the hospital for 10 months straight now.

I'd love for you to check out their blog, Moments with Moriah.
They have the most beautiful baby girl and the most encouraging testimony.
It's been a really hard year for them.
They struggle at times.
But, they are amazing parents, constantly fighting for and advocating for their little girl.
Please join me in praying for them.


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Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

I LOVE these memories Melissa. I have every single one of them stored in my heart. thank you for this.
words cannot express the appreciation we feel...
love ALWAYS,
your friend,
p.s. I do HATE the pics from camping...haha. you know me so well!