Friday, October 16, 2009

18...Better late than never, right?

Our router died earlier this week, so I had to wait for a new one to arrive to upload these from my computer.
Please excuse the delay.

I'm still not really showing.
However, one of the students I taught in Kindergarten last year came up to me today and said, "You were skinnier last year."
I laughed and told her she's right. :)

Last year I wore my wedding dress as my Halloween costume for school.
This year, there's not even the slightest chance it would fit me.
Maybe next year!

I still haven't felt Baby Bolt move.
You'd think I'd be able to feel a sweet potato doing somersaults inside of me, right?
But, no.
Not yet.

I'm 19 weeks today!
And, this time next week, we'll know if we're having a boy or a girl!
Can't wait!!


Chrissy said...

Well, I see a change... but just wait. Within the next 3 weeks you will be visibly pregnant - I just know it.
Thanks for posting 18 weeks at 19 weeks... so where is the 19 weeks picture? ha ha ha... love you!

Michelle E said...

Melissa, I look forward to these weekly posts! What a great idea to do the fruits/veggies photos... love it!! The belly will pop soon. And it will be beautiful :)

The Moffats said...

Excited to know what you guys are having! Hope you and Ben are doing well! We need to get together sometime. It will be fun to have munchkins around the same time!