Tuesday, October 20, 2009

19 weeks- It's happening!

I think I'm showing a little bit!
Well, to strangers I just look like I have a beer gut.

I saw this on another blog, so I thought I'd copy this week:

How far along? 19 weeks, 4 days. (I have a handy counter on my phone.)

Total weight gain: .0035 tons

Maternity clothes? Just jeans. They are the best! I may never go back to non-elastic pants.

Sleep: It's hit or miss.
The other day I had a dream that we had the baby, a girl. While I was out running an errand, Ben sent out a massive text message telling the world that we named the baby Mony Grace. I was SO mad at him, but felt like it was set in stone, so I had to live with it. I love pregnancy dreams!

The baby ran out of room in my pelvis and has moved up...away from my bladder. That's given me a break from the 2-3 potty trips a night. I'm enjoying sleeping through the night while it while it lasts!

Best moment this week: 100% not pregnancy related, but we bought new appliances today!! Ours were on their last leg, so we knew it was time. We wanted to get it taken care of before we had a newborn AND a broken refrigerator. The recession was in our favor today, as we got a great deal on them!

Movement: Not yet. Come on, baby mango!! I've even tried jumping/running around the house, all "She's a maniac, maniac..." style, then lying down really still. Nothing. No "bubbles" or "thumps". Nothing.

Gender: We'll find out on Friday!!!

Labor Signs: It's WAY too early for that.

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss: My pre-preg clothes. I'm so sad my favorite puffy vest is getting too tight to wear. It feels like I'm wearing a corset. Oh! And espresso, dark chocolate, and red wine. Not that I can't have a little of those things, they just don't appeal to me anymore. I hope that changes post baby!

What I am looking forward to: Friday! We get to find out the gender AND celebrate with family and friends!

Weekly Wisdom: I've been told not to cut my hair while pregnant. We'll see if I heed to that advice, or not.

Milestones: Developed my pseudo bump.

That's all for now!
Next post: It's a......


Chrissy said...

YAY!! Can't WAIT till tomorrow!!
Hoping for wide open legs!
Wait... that sounds horrible.
You know what I mean though.

There is a baby bump there! Cute!

As for espresso, chocolate, etc... yes... that will come back post-baby.

Cool about appliances! That's so fun!

Ok... so, I am at work tomorrow...
I will text you with the work phone number. I fully expect a mass text/email to go out... but I can't stand the idea that my phone might not be working well and Mom is out of town so I won't hear if she gets the message. Sooo... call me at work or email me at work... or both! Can't wait!!

shauna said...

don't go with the trend. keep your hair long! :) REBEL! why do new moms always cut their hair anyway? any insight?

Katharine said...

I love the pic - teeny tiny bump!!! What a great way to tell people the gender! Congrats! Girls are Fun!! Our blog is thelifeofsavages.wordpress.com