Friday, October 30, 2009

Ben's new job

I love Ben's new job.
More important, Ben loves his new job.

This is what he found on the restroom door on his first day of work:

So, naturally, he heads up to the 3rd floor...
Only to discover the building only has 2 floors.

I love it!

Reminds me of my days at Mt. Hope.
We would do things like hide this creepy little naked baby in each other's rooms/purses/coats/etc.
Oh, how I wish I had a picture of it.
It was disturbing, really.

Then, there was the coworker, who will go unnamed (though you KNOW who you are!), who would back her hiney into my office (while making the beeping sound of a truck in reverse), toot, and then run off.

Nothing beats working in a fun environment with people you like.

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