Monday, October 26, 2009


The other night Jack woke us up by shaking non-stop.
You know, like the wet dog shake.
But, he wasn't wet.

Ben got up and checked on him.
The shaking continued.

I got up and decided to clean out his ears.
That seemed to do the trick.

But, instead of locking him back in his crate, I decided to leave it open.

In the morning, Ben shut his crate before jumping in the shower.
When he went to let Jack out, this is what he saw:

In the back of his crate is a bag of cookies.
At some point during the night, Jack snuck out of our room, took the bag, and placed it gently in his crate.
He then went back to sleep, snuggling up to what (we can only imagine) he thought would be his treat as soon as we left the house.

At one point he looked back at the cookies, probably wanting to cry out,
"WHAT is THAT!? Who in the world put that bag in my crate!?"

Afterwards, he decided it was best to not make any further eye contact with the evidence.

We've known for a long time that our dog is just a little "off".
This just further supports the case. :)

Ben says he's taking after me.
For awhile I had an irrational fear of not having any food.
So, I'd pack snacks in my purse.
But! This is for a good reason.
One day I suddenly got so hungry I started to crying.
And I was by myself running errands around town.
I had to make an emergency stop at McDonalds for a cheeseburger.
This is 100% out of character for me.
I was desperate.
Since then, I hoard snacks in my purse.
I blame the baby.

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Chrissy said...

Jack is funny! Ricotta does things like that... thinking she is sneaky... but she can reach the counters without jumping up.
Love you!