Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's a GIRL!! (Part 2)

Alright, here are the pictures I promised.

Here's our midwife, Jessica, and Ben carefully studying the ultrasound image.

I thought right away that I saw a little girl.
(I studied ultrasound pictures so I'd know what I was looking for. :) )
Jessica thought so right away, too, but didn't say anything until she got a really good shot.
She went on to get several more, so we know our child is 100% girl.

Afterwards, we went to the Golden Bee where we would meet our k-group friends and family.
We told them to be on the lookout for pink or blue balloons.
It was a fun way to share the announcement with some of our favorite people.
I just wish my family could've been there, too.
The trade off was that they were the very first to know, via text message.

The siblings:

Stefanie was so sweet to come down and accompany us to the ultrasound.
She has been at pretty much every major milestone of my adult life, so it was only natural for her to come to the unveiling, too.
She even took some pictures for us! :)

Ben's parents and Michael:

Some of the k-group guys:

And some of the k-group girls:

Debbie knitted these little booties for our daughter.
They are teeny-tiny and so sweet.
I love them!

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Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

you are beautiful. absolutely glowing. ben is too ;-)
wish we could have been there to celebrate this wonderful occasion.
i should send you the shirt you sent me when i was pregnant. maybe you would be brave enough to wear it out of the house =)
keep the updates coming. it makes me feel like i'm apart of everything!