Sunday, November 15, 2009

Free Chicken!

This past Wednesday/Thursday I attended a Chick-fil-A grand opening.
We arrived at 5:45am on Wednesday in order to be one of the first 100 customers.
Once we were registered, given our official wristbands and complementary coffee mugs, we set up camp.
Ben would've LOVED to join us.
Instead, he worked hard at CCB and met up a little later that night to say "hi".

Thankfully, it was a beautiful Colorado day!


Jennifer and I spent the day reading magazines, crafting, and eating the free food provided for us.
(I have NO desire to eat Chick-fil-A for awhile after an entire day of it.)


We were up bright and early the next morning for the official grand opening.
And, I had no idea the news cameraman was filming me from behind until I loaded this picture on my computer.

We made it!
We sported our hats and t-shirts and then headed inside to obtain our prizes...
52 free value meal coupons!

Thanks, Chick-fil-A!
That was fun!


Chrissy said...

We have one opening here sometime... I might just do the same thing! Heck, might be a nice break! ;)

katie said...

so when do you want to take me out to dinner :)

Blomgren2 said...

I'm so jealous! I did not even know this existed! I heart Chick-Fil-A even more now. Looks like a good time!