Friday, December 18, 2009



I have to post this quickly before my computer battery dies.
My sweet husband accidently took my power cord to work with him today. Whoops!

Alice and I are doing well.
She's still about the size of an eggplant and is moving around all the time.
I'm actually 28 weeks today...12 weeks until her due date! Crazy!!
My midwife appointments now get bumped up to every 2 weeks instead of every 3.
I also have the dreaded gestational diabetes test today.
At least she doesn't make me drink the nasty gunk.
That's so nice of her!


SleepyTimeDiaries said...

A friend told me about this trick years ago, but you might check with your OB first....
She said she used to get sick all the time after flying, until she started putting Neosporin up her nose and around the ear openings.
It won't let anything "settle" in your nasal cavity and it can't hurt to block anything from your ear canals as much as possible.

Before you leave for the airport, take a Q-tip or a clean finger and coat the inside of both of your nostrils as well as the holes of your ears with it.
When someone coughs (I think a cough can travel 8 feet or something like that, so imagine when you're sitting in a plane, in such a close proximity of anyone carrying who knows what), whatever they send into the air travels and will settle into your cavities.
Neosporin can help with this.

Also (and you just can't be too careful being pregnant and with the H1N1 everywhere-widespread in TN) when you get to your family's house, take a shower immediately and then clean out your sinuses with a Netti Pot (you can get a very inexpensive one at Walgreens or any drug store I'm sure).
I read that it takes 2 to 3 days for something to settle and then infect you. If you're cleaning out these passage ways, you won't give them time to settle.

Let's see....what else.....

I know this is needless to say, but just be very very careful about touching things-I'd be dipping my hands in a bucket of hand sanitizer after I touched ANYTHING.

You need take these extra miles when pregnant, especially right now.

Have a wonderful trip and Merry Christmas!!!

Stephen said...

My post isn't as detailed, but don't fall asleep and let your head fall in the aisle....They might bang it with the beverage cart...