Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best gift ever!

I've become quite sentimental since all this baby stuff.

As a result, I've been wanting items from when Ben and I were babies...blankets, clothes, pictures, anything!
Debbie, Ben's mom, has a lot of those items.
She kept quite a bit of his baby things, including all of his childhood Christmas ornaments.
The mobile on Alice's crib is the same one that was on Ben's crib when he was a baby.
Here's your visual:
I love it!

When I asked my mom about some baby things, she said she had given that stuff away.
She's not a keeper of things.
Example: A few years ago I asked her for my prom and formal dresses so I could make them into dress-up clothes for the preschool.
Nope! No dresses.
They were long gone to Goodwill.

So, imagine my surprise on Christmas morning when I opened a present and found this:

It's Holly Hobby!
Mom explained that it was my favorite doll as a child...that I LOVED her.
I must admit, I was a little doubtful.
I don't remember Holly Hobby at all.
My mom also has 5 of us, so every once in awhile, details get a little fuzzy. :)

Then, lo and behold, this picture popped up across the digital picture frame we got for her for Christmas:
There she is!
Holly Hobby in my arms!!

I can't wait to take pictures of Alice with Holly Hobby.

This is my favorite gift, by far.
That's probably not to fair to declare, since we're having the Bolton family Christmas on Friday.
But, it's pretty unlikely this can be trumped. :)

Thank you, Mom, for saving Holly Hobby for Alice and I!

Next up...
I want this dress:
This is me.
(I wish my fluffiness was still that cute!)
There's also a picture of my mom wearing the same dress.
My sister is currently holding it hostage.

Alright, Chrissy, what do you want for it??? :)


paulandchrissy said...

Wow - I don't know that I actually HAVE that one... or that I ever did. The velvet one I was thinking of is red. I will keep looking though. Don't worry yet!!

BoyDena Smiley said...

My sister and I had Holly Hobby bedrooms as young girls... there might be a metal trash can with HH living at my parents still. Love it!