Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas, Part 1

You know that movie, Four Christmases?
This is our version.
Three Christmases.

Christmas #1:
Christmas with the Andersons.

My sister, Chrissy, and I

Here's what I love about this next picture...
My nephew, Paul, received a Wii game.
Problem: they don't have a Wii.
(They were getting one for Christmas...but didn't know it, yet.)
So, he opens it and says, "A Wii game! Thanks!" with a funny smile on his face.
I love when teenagers feel awkward. :)

Lovebirds, Chrissy and Paul

We took a BUNCH of pictures of us with our Granny.
She kept making comments like, "Do you guys know something I don't?", implying that she was going to die soon, or something.
No, our family is just notoriously bad about taking pictures.
On top of that, Granny is terrible at just looking at the camera and smiling.
Future post: Granny bloopers! :)

Here's Granny with the grandkids.

And with the great-grandkids.
I really wanted to stick my belly in the picture, just for fun.

Ben, Granny, and I

Chrissy, Dad, and I

I really like this one...even though my Dad is putting bunny ears on Paul.
I look like a "normal" sized person!

We had brunch, opened gifts, and visited with each other.
At one point, my Dad took Ben to see his gun collection, which always makes me laugh.
He talked about guns with my dad for at least 30 minutes.
He's such a good sport!

One down, two to go!

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