Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas, Part 2

Christmas #2:
Christmas with the Locantes.
Really, it's Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve is a big deal in our family.
I also didn't take any pictures on Christmas Day, so this will have to do.
Honestly, I like Christmas Eve the best, anyway.
(I just overused the word "Christmas".)

This is the scene.
The family gathers in the kitchen, where the food is being prepared.

I taught my nieces how to make "cootie catchers".
Every once in awhile, your "fortune" would be something good like, "You're awesome".
But, there was a far greater chance of getting some sort of ominous message like,
"You will die an early death" or "Tomorrow will be a bad hair day".
Here's Olivia delivering the news to Ben:

Luke was "strongly encouraged" to join the family in the blessing of the meal.

Feasting time!
When you have a chef in the family, you eat well!
Paul made some amazing dishes!

But, this is always my favorite!
Brussels sprouts!
(Yes, I'm serious. I love it!)

Cass and Luke with their festive hats.

Most of the guys, my brother, Will, Ben, and my nephews, Paul and Sam.

Ben, Sam, and Sophie

Mom, Chrissy, and I

It was a wonderful evening!
Christmas day was nice, too.
We slept in a bit, drank coffee, opened gifts, ate breakfast, played a game, and lounged around.
A perfect day!

Alice got the BEST gift. I'll post about that later. :)

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