Wednesday, December 2, 2009




Alright, it's been awhile, so here's another one of those questionnaire things...

How far along? 25 Weeks. 100 days to go. I can't believe I'm almost to the double digits!

Total weight gain/loss: I thought about deleting this one. Then, I decided I need to be a big girl (no pun intended) and face the facts. I'm SUPPOSED to be gaining weight. I still struggle with this. This is me being honest with all 5 of you who read this. :) I've gained 18 pounds thus far. There. I did it. That didn't hurt TOO bad.

How big is baby? She's the size of an eggplant. Weighs somewhere around 1.5 lbs. (That's right...only 1.5 pounds of my 18 pounds is baby. Sweet. But, my midwife said I'm normal, so I'm sticking with that!)

Maternity clothes? You betcha! Actually, as I write this, I'm wearing a skirt and shirt that's pre-pregnancy. Both are stretchy and cotton though. :)

Stretch marks? None, yet. I should ask my mom if she ever got them...since they're hereditary and all.

Sleep: It's been good to pretty good. Nothing to write home about.

Best moment this week: Hearing Alice's heartbeat at my appointment yesterday. I was also told, "That's the best pee I've seen all day!"

Movement: Tons!! One of my new favorite activities is watching my belly move. It's so cool!

Food cravings: Nope.

Gender: Girl!

Labor Signs: Heck no. Hopefully there won't be any for awhile!

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing my Boulder friends this weekend!

Weekly Wisdom: Haven't received any this week. Anyone?? I hope someone says, "Go get a massage." Oh, how I'd love to lie on one of those belly-less tables for awhile!

Milestones: Almost to double digits...99 days until her (official) due date. I can't believe how fast these months are going by! Also, I've convinced myself she won't arrive until around March 20th. We'll see!


mandy said...

Yay! You're looking so cute and pregnant! Can't wait to see you in person this Friday!

Danielle said...

seriously, you have such a cute pregnant belly!:) oh, and for reals, 18 pounds is great....don't even worry about it!

BoyDena Smiley said...

Don't forget that at least 4 of those 18lbs are your boobs... and in your case dear... hmmm it might be a bit more... I've gained 23lbs already. 9 months up, 9 months down. Love you! Proud to be 1 of the 5 readers;-)

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Alice, you're going to have the greatest Mommy and Daddy!
Can't wait to meet you, baby girl. How bout you give your Mom a kick in the belly button to make a trip out to CA? You would love it here =)

Auntie Victoria

Stephen said...

I love reading your blog and seeing your cute belly! We can't wait for you baby Alice!

katie said...

i just need to say ditto to what
carey said :)

Katharine said...

Wow those weeks are just ticking by! I gained 40 pounds last time around. I was a whale and it was glorious :) But 3 months out and I am railing thin - I needed to the buffer weight to feed this baby! You get round now so Alice will be round later :)

Ben and Melissa said...

You girls are so sweet! Thanks for your kind words!

Blomgren2 said...

Hmm weekly wisdom... not saying I'm wise but I'll try... first of all, give yourself some grace with the "weight gain" and focus on how healthy Alice is because of it! Second, soak in the fact that you and Ben can do whatever you want at any point right now... no little one is ruling your schedule yet (not saying that Norah is for us yet but I'm sure that's coming soon). And third, yes you should definitely get a massage and do something special with Ben! Hope that's encouraging!

kendra said...

Hmmm...I think there are more than 5 of us who read your very fun blog. You look amazing and I'm excited to see you in person tomorrow!