Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yesterday and 29 Weeks

Yesterday was not my favorite day, to say the least.
But, now that it's over, I can now recap and review what happened.
I've even donned my "positive pants" (as my friend, Rachel, calls them) for the writing of this post.

Stink #1:
My flight left Nashville at 5:45 am.
Woke up at 4 am, 3 Colorado time.

Positive pants:
That meant that I'd have all day in Colorado to try to get caught up with things.

Stink #2:
The security line was ridiculous.
There were at LEAST 100 people waiting to go through one line.
Come ON, Nashville.
I kept checking the time and thinking, "30 minutes before my flight leaves. I can do it."
"20 min..."
"15 min..."
I finally got through and ran to my gate.
I'm sure I was a spectacle with my big belly and high heel boots.

Positive pants:
I board and go to my seat.
Mom with 3 kids behind me.
Mom with 3 kids next to me.
But wait!
A dad asked me to trade seats with him.
The flight attendant directed me to 3C.
3C=aisle, more leg room, AND no one sitting in the middle seat next to me.

Stink #3:
Arrived in Denver.
Went to get my bag before catching the bus to take me to my car.
Announcement: "Frontier passengers, your bags will be delayed. There is one person unloading 3 airplanes at this time."
Come ON, Denver!
I kept consulting the time and the bus schedule.
My bag finally arrived and I had 3 minutes to catch the bus.
I ran in heels, again.
That time, with a huge suitcase in tow.

Positive pants:
The bus pulled in just as I ran up.
I didn't have to wait for it.
That's nice.

Stink #4:
I think it's ridiculous that RTD charges $8 to drive me a whopping 10 miles to my car.
On top of that, they now charge to park your car in the lot.
There is no Positive pants counter to that.

Stink #5:
This is the one that officially broke by day.
I got to my car only to find a flat tire.
But, it's not just flat.
There was also a nice little snow drift up against that tire.
(Imagine this, but with icy snow piled up next to it.)
And it was 25 degrees outside.
I saw an RTD security guy and told him my situation.
Him: "Well do you have a spare?"
Me: "Yes."
Him: "And do you have a jack?"
Me: "Yes."
Him: "Then you'll be able to change it just fine."
Me: "Well, do you think you could help me with it?"
Him: "Sorry, but no. We can't due to liability reasons."

This is where I walked back to my car, called Ben, and started crying.
Ben suggested that he could either talk me through it, or we could call a mechanic, or something.

I gained a little confidence.
I can do this!
I, on a whim, packed up and moved to Colorado when I was 21 and made it work.
At 23, I worked my tail off to turn a struggling preschool into a successful one.
I renovated a crappy 1950's trailer to make it a cool place to live, doing a lot of the work myself.
Surely I can change a tire.

I got everything out of the trunk.
I looked up to see 2 RTD security guys parked about 5 cars away chatting with each other.
Ben talked me through how to get the car jacked up.
I try, but it kept slipping under the car since I'm parked on 2-3" of ice.
After many failed attempts, I waved one of the security guys over.
I asked if he can simply tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Positive pants:
He started chipping away at the ice to make a spot for the jack.
Then, he said, "Gosh, you're not really dressed to do hat, no gloves..."
(At this point, I was fully convicted that I had made a poor shoe choice for the day.)
I saw his eyes on my belly.
"You're PREGNANT?? You shouldn't be doing this! I'll take care of this for you. 
Just don't tell my supervisor I helped you."
Thank you, Jesus!!
Finally, a pregnancy benefit!
He struggled with changing it since everything was icy and frozen.
I just felt even more validated when he pulled and tugged to get the tire off...
then asked the other guy for help, too.
When it was good to go, I headed out to a tire shop a mile away to get it fixed.
Bonus: they didn't charge me to fix my tire!

Stink #6:
I'm coughing.
Coughing so hard that it makes my throat hurt.
I caught it while in TN with my family.
I won't name any names, but you know who you are!! ;)

Positive pants:
I got in to see my chiropractor yesterday and today.
I've also loaded up on sleep and vitamins.
Still coughing a little, but am feeling much better.

Stink #7:
Jack puked everywhere last night.
He made a nice little trail from the living room rug, to the dining room rug, and then to the back door.

Positive pants:
He only puked up water.
That was easy to clean up.

Alright, that's all.
I'm amazed if you read all of that.
This HAS to be the longest post ever.


mandy said...

I'm sorry, Melissa. :( At least it's all over now! And it's a new year!

I recently had a flat tire as well, and I cried. You're not alone. It's so frustrating.

Katharine said...

you are a superstar after making it through a day like that!!!!

marcia said...

So, so sad. I definitely would have been crying. I got back to that parking lot one time, all dressed up for new years, and found my car completely buried in snow. The plows had pushed all the snow to the side of my car blocking it in. Of course i did not have anything to help the situation. I just cried. I really hate that parking lot now. =)

Chrissy said...

I. Am. SO. Sorry!!!
I know it was my cough...
I feel horrible.
Sorry about your stinky day, too.
Glad you got the pregnancy benefit of help with the tire.
You guys need AAA. Like, now.
Don't you have USAA for insurance?? You can call them for flat tire stuff too, pretty sure.
I'm glad you are safely home...
feel better soon.
I love you!