Thursday, January 1, 2009

December in Review...Whew! What a month!!

December was a wild, busy, and super fun month. Here's a little review...

1. Work Christmas Parties (prior post)

2. Festival of Lights (prior post)

3. Craig and Val got engaged! We're so happy for them! After the proposal, we helped them celebrate at The Mona Lisa fondue restaurant in Manitou. Yum!

4. Sean graduated from college! Hooray for Sean!! We celebrated the milestone with a super yummy dinner at The Craftwood Inn. That was very fun! Now he's going to move to LA. Boo!!!

5. Tour of Lights- Jonathan, Jen, Ben, and I went on our 2nd Annual Christmas Lights Drive. This year, we did a little research of the best light displays and had a plan. Some of the displays were pretty wild...lights coordinated with music and video. Craziness. 

6. Hanging out with Stefanie! We got to see Stef twice this month (Well, only once for Ben.) Oh, how we wish she'd just move in with us. She DOES have a room here! :) She came down to the Springs for a night...we shopped, played Wii, went to the Omelette Parlor, and got caught up on each other's lives. Then, on another day, we met up in Denver for lunch at Sweet Tomatoes (one of our favoritest places to go) and more shopping. Stef, you're room is ready and waiting for when you're ready to move!

7. NORAD!- A while back, Ben mentioned that he's always wanted to go into Cheyenne Mountain. But, since 9-11, they no longer do public tours. They only way you can get in is if you know someone. Luckily, I did! I have a student whose father works/worked inside the mountain and was able to get us a tour. I really wanted to surprise Ben, which made obtaining his SS# and DL# needed in order to get the security clearance a little tricky. But I did it and he was totally surprised. Go me! So, on Christmas Eve morning we went in the mountain. It was a very cool experience. This was the only picture we could take...from outside the facility, driving up to the first security checkpoint. :)

8. Christmas Eve- This was my (Melissa) first Christmas where I didn't go home to see my parents and siblings. That was a little sad for me. But! We had a BLAST with the Boltons. I am so blessed to have joined such an amazing family.  We had great Christmas Eve dinner, followed by opening our pajama presents (a Bolton family tradition), and sitting around chatting and reading various Christmas books and poems. 

Ben so creatively made up "secret ballots" for our parents and siblings to fill out. It was a vote to see if Jack could join in on the Christmas fun the next day. Each one was different with statements like, "Jesus chose to spend his first Christmas with animals. a) Yes, but that doesn't mean we have to. OR b) Bring our furry friend!" And, they all had this picture of Jack on them:

9. Christmas Day- Ben and I woke up, put on our special Christmas jammies, made coffee, opened our stockings and gifts to each other, played some Wii Tetris (one of my stocking stuffers), then loaded up and headed to the parent's house. There, we ate brunch, leisurely opened gifts, watched a movie, and all in all, had a wonderful, relaxing, and fun day. 

10. New Year's Eve- Not having made big plans, we decided to keep things low key and headed to the Spear's for dinner, games, festive beverages, resolution setting, Guitar Hero, and fellowship with the siblings. It was a great night! One of my favorite New Year's to date. I really should've taken pictures. Dang it! 

Oh! And New Year's Eve also marked our 200th day of marriage! We'll forgive you for forgetting such milestone. :)