Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Repurposing the Wedding Dress

I loved our wedding.
And I loved my dress.
But, even before I wore the dress, I knew that I didn't want to preserve it 
and keep it in a box under the bed for the rest of my life.
So, I had an idea!

Here's a last look at the dress:

And look what it became:
A baby blanket for Alice!
She's going to LOVE it!
But wait. There's more. Please keep reading.

I mentioned the idea to my friend, Rachel, a couple months ago.
She said I should talk to her mom about it.
Rachel's mom, Gail, is an amazing seamstress.
I thought she might have some good ideas for the blanket.

So, while Rachel's parents were in town over Christmas I took the dress to her.
Gail said she would love to make the blanket for me!
That's fantastic!!
I was so afraid of taking scissors to the dress myself.
I just knew I would likely ruin it, ending up with no blanket and no dress.
I didn't really have a vision for what it would look like, but I knew Gail would make something beautiful.
And she did!

I opened the gift at my baby shower with the k-group girls on Sunday.
As soon as I saw the blanket my eyes filled with tears.
(Thankfully, I quickly regained my composure. I'm not a cute crier.)

The blanket:
My pictures just don't do it justice.

Then, Rachel said to keep going...that there's more in the box.
I was thinking maybe there was another blanket for our next kiddo, or something.
But no.
It was something SO much better!

Holy cow!
Gail also made the most beautiful Christening/Dedication gown and bonnet!
I was floored.

The top part of the gown is made of my wedding dress.

I still can't get over the amount of detail Gail put into the gown and bonnet.

What an amazing gift!
I can't wait to put it on our baby girl and take a bajillion pictures.
It's also wild to think that we may have granddaughters who wear this in about 30 years.
(Did you pick up on that, Alice? 30 years. You can maybe start dating when you're 25. :) )

Thank you, Rachel and Gail, for making this happen!
The words "Thank you" seem so weak compared to the gratitude I feel in my heart.
You guys are the best!

For Alice

Dear Alice,

Your Daddy and I went to Target over the weekend.
I had some things to pick up and he had a gift card to spend.
We walked into Target and he headed straight to the electronics section.

When we met up in the store, this is what he had decided to buy:

Books to read to you!
Isn't he the best?
I thought it was so sweet.

I can't wait to see the two of you together!

He loves you so much.
And, he's already taking care of you by consistantly asking if I've taken my vitamins,
had enough water and protein for the day,
and even not wanting me to push you around inside my belly...
even though we both know you're well padded in there. :)

I can't believe we'll be meeting you soon!
I love you, sweet baby!

Your Mama

Thursday, January 21, 2010

4 Things...

1. I'm going to be an aunt...for the 7th, 8th, and 9th time! My sister and brother-in-law were approved to adopt a sibling group from Ethiopia today. Here's her blog, if you'd like to read about their adoption journey:
I think it's funny that I'll soon have 1 kid and she'll soon have 7. :)

2. Here's my 32 week picture. Well, it's 32 weeks, 6 days. I can't even claim that I forgot to take it. Really, I was NOT in the mood. Pictures are not my friends these days. But then I knew I'd be mad at myself if I didn't do it.

3. I had a wonderful baby shower thrown for me last Saturday! It was a small group...just the way I prefer it. :) It was so good to see friends and family.

Alice received so many sweet things...clothes, crib sheets, toys, books, girly accessories...
and a box with a baby in it!
Alright, so it's really a carseat. (YAY!!)
But, I think it's funny that it had a huge picture of a baby on the box.

4. We went to have a 3-D ultrasound last weekend, too.
Yes, we know they're creepy looking.
But, I started to convince myself that Alice is a boy, and that she likely has a cleft palete or club foot.
(Have I ever mentioned my over-active imagination?)
Any of those would be okay...we would love her/him none-the-less.
But, I just wanted to know so I could prepare.

Here's a couple of the pictures:
Her little feet...

Oh! And she's still a girl!

Her fat cheeks...

We love her so much already!
It was really fun to get to see her yawn, stick out her tongue, wiggle her toes, etc.
We can't wait to meet her.
About 7 weeks to go.
Thanksgiving was more than 7 weeks ago and that seems like it was just yesterday!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Almost forgot!

So, I'm actually 31 weeks, 6 days, but that still counts, right??

Do you remember Weeble Wobbles?
Here's a visual:
THAT is what I feel like.

It's been 6 weeks from the last one, so here we go...

How far along? 31 weeks. 57 days until her due date.

Total weight gain/loss: As of last appointment, 26 pounds. I was told that's "normal...right where you need to be", so I'm okay with it...I think. Ponder this: a typical 2-year-old weighs 26 pounds.

How big is baby? Supposedly, she's around 3.3 pounds and about 16 inches long.

Maternity clothes? Yep. I'm wondering if they're going to hold out another 8 weeks though. Some of my shirts are working hard.

Stretch marks? Not yet, which amazes me everyday. How in the WORLD can my body grow that much in such a short amount of time without stretch marks? They're pending...I just know it.

Sleep: Stinks. But, the baby isn't to blame. I've been sick. Coughing.

Best moment this week: I had a massage! Lying on my stomach=best thing ever!

Movement: All the time! I told Ben I believe she's testing the structural integrity of my uterus. I am incredibly jealous of girls with long torsos. It seriously feels like she's running out of room in there.

Food cravings: Still none.

Gender: Still a girl.

Labor Signs: Lots of Braxton Hicks, but nothing even close to real labor signs.

Belly Button in or out? In...but barely.

What I am looking forward to: My sister-in-law, Jen, is throwing me a baby shower this weekend! 
I am SO excited!!

Weekly Wisdom: The massage therapist said that taking magnesium will help with the muscle cramps. I hope she's right.

Milestones: We have completed our Bradley birthing class. Ben is now a card-carrying labor coach. :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Turning 30...again

Before I turned 30 (this past July) I kept hearing stories of people saying their body "fell apart" when they turned 30.
Like there's something magical about your 30th birthday that makes your joints and bones ache.
Though my body hasn't been "normal" this year, 30 has felt pretty good!
I think I like it!

But, 30 weeks pregnant is another story.
You see, I've been battling this nasty cough, which led to a sore throat, and then to nasal congestion grossness.
The sore throat is gone, but the cough and snot are still lingering around.
My body hurts.
My poor abs have had quite the workout this past week.
I'm also somewhat convinced that all the hacking done some damage to my right ribs...
convinently, the side Alice likes to practice her karate kicks.

Alright, that's the end of my whining.
I promise.

Really, I shouldn't complain.
I/we are blessed!
Alice is healthy and growing like crazy.
However, I do wonder what it feels like to her when I cough.
If only my belly had a skylight...

Only 7-12 weeks to go!!

Hair in Review

I'm trying to organize my pictures and make photo books for the last two years. I know that once Alice is here, that project will be put off, once again. Good news: One is complete, and I'm about halfway through the second one. WAHOO!

While going through pictures, I got a kick out of how drastically my hair has changed over the years...and how fast it grows.
No wonder why I run into people I met a couple years prior and they don't recognize me. :)

One of my favorite things about being a girl=being able to change your hair all the time. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Granny Out-takes

This is why we have to take a million pictures of Granny. :)
The bummer is that I had already deleted most of the funny ones before deciding I should keep them. Rats!

I pulled out our new little Flip camcorder to capture some of Granny's stories.
I'm so glad I did!
In this clip she's talking about eating eel.

There's another one about when she met Willie Nelson.
(She was a tour guide at The Hermitage.)
She says, "You how everyone thinks he's dirty and smells a little bit? He was awesome. 
He may have been higher than a kite, I don't know."
Maybe I'll post that clip someday.

I love my Granny.
She is an amazing woman.