Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For Alice

Dear Alice,

Your Daddy and I went to Target over the weekend.
I had some things to pick up and he had a gift card to spend.
We walked into Target and he headed straight to the electronics section.

When we met up in the store, this is what he had decided to buy:

Books to read to you!
Isn't he the best?
I thought it was so sweet.

I can't wait to see the two of you together!

He loves you so much.
And, he's already taking care of you by consistantly asking if I've taken my vitamins,
had enough water and protein for the day,
and even not wanting me to push you around inside my belly...
even though we both know you're well padded in there. :)

I can't believe we'll be meeting you soon!
I love you, sweet baby!

Your Mama


katie said...

I can't wait to hold your sweet darling either.

She is going to precious, just like the 2 of you :)

Chrissy said...

That is SO cute! He's already a wonderful Daddy!