Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Repurposing the Wedding Dress

I loved our wedding.
And I loved my dress.
But, even before I wore the dress, I knew that I didn't want to preserve it 
and keep it in a box under the bed for the rest of my life.
So, I had an idea!

Here's a last look at the dress:

And look what it became:
A baby blanket for Alice!
She's going to LOVE it!
But wait. There's more. Please keep reading.

I mentioned the idea to my friend, Rachel, a couple months ago.
She said I should talk to her mom about it.
Rachel's mom, Gail, is an amazing seamstress.
I thought she might have some good ideas for the blanket.

So, while Rachel's parents were in town over Christmas I took the dress to her.
Gail said she would love to make the blanket for me!
That's fantastic!!
I was so afraid of taking scissors to the dress myself.
I just knew I would likely ruin it, ending up with no blanket and no dress.
I didn't really have a vision for what it would look like, but I knew Gail would make something beautiful.
And she did!

I opened the gift at my baby shower with the k-group girls on Sunday.
As soon as I saw the blanket my eyes filled with tears.
(Thankfully, I quickly regained my composure. I'm not a cute crier.)

The blanket:
My pictures just don't do it justice.

Then, Rachel said to keep going...that there's more in the box.
I was thinking maybe there was another blanket for our next kiddo, or something.
But no.
It was something SO much better!

Holy cow!
Gail also made the most beautiful Christening/Dedication gown and bonnet!
I was floored.

The top part of the gown is made of my wedding dress.

I still can't get over the amount of detail Gail put into the gown and bonnet.

What an amazing gift!
I can't wait to put it on our baby girl and take a bajillion pictures.
It's also wild to think that we may have granddaughters who wear this in about 30 years.
(Did you pick up on that, Alice? 30 years. You can maybe start dating when you're 25. :) )

Thank you, Rachel and Gail, for making this happen!
The words "Thank you" seem so weak compared to the gratitude I feel in my heart.
You guys are the best!


Ashley said...

That is BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had thought to do something like that with mine. What a wonderful way to get more use out of your dress! Love your blog, by the way. Found it through the bump. :)

Chrissy said...

That's awesome!! I am so jealous!! How cool!! That will be your very OWN hand me down, keepsake thing that started with your marriage! That's super awesome, Mo... I love it!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

It's breathtaking. And so sentimental.
Do NOT be sending this blankie with her to preschool =)
Love you guys,

Mandy said...

that is amazing! i LOVE that idea :)

mandy said...

That is precious! My eyes are filling with tears too. She will treasure that blanket so much. I'm sure of it.

Michelle E said...

Just FYI, I'm a "keeper" of all things sentimental (yep, my dress is in a box!)... and I must admit I almost gasped when I first read about you not needing to keep your wedding dress. But holy smokes, how cool is that baby blanket?!? And the dedication/christening gown?! I'm almost wishing I could do my baby-mothering all over again, so i could do this. You are so creative, Melissa!!

katie said...

Gail is an amazing woman on top of her amazing sew abilities. I am so happy that she was able to make something this sentimental and precious for you to share with alice. How sweet. I am sure this was just a sweet for rachel to give as it was for you to recieve it. How great!

BoyDena Smiley said...

I almost cried myself... too bad my dress was all beaded or I'd copy this for Ohana. SO special.
They are coming soon our precious girls.

marcia said...

That is one of the most beautiful ideas ever. What a wonderful present. Amazing!!

Blomgren2 said...

WOW! That is such an awesome idea you had and then to receive such a creative and thoughtful gift... you have truly amazing friends! So special for you and Alice!

Corrie said...

That's beautiful - what a great idea!