Thursday, January 7, 2010

Turning 30...again

Before I turned 30 (this past July) I kept hearing stories of people saying their body "fell apart" when they turned 30.
Like there's something magical about your 30th birthday that makes your joints and bones ache.
Though my body hasn't been "normal" this year, 30 has felt pretty good!
I think I like it!

But, 30 weeks pregnant is another story.
You see, I've been battling this nasty cough, which led to a sore throat, and then to nasal congestion grossness.
The sore throat is gone, but the cough and snot are still lingering around.
My body hurts.
My poor abs have had quite the workout this past week.
I'm also somewhat convinced that all the hacking done some damage to my right ribs...
convinently, the side Alice likes to practice her karate kicks.

Alright, that's the end of my whining.
I promise.

Really, I shouldn't complain.
I/we are blessed!
Alice is healthy and growing like crazy.
However, I do wonder what it feels like to her when I cough.
If only my belly had a skylight...

Only 7-12 weeks to go!!


Chrissy said...

Wow - that's not long at all to wait now! If family history is any indication, I think Mom and I both were normally the 40-41 week deliveries.
A sky-light would be cool!
Sorry you are still coughing. I will pray that goes away soon. I remember having a coughing thing during one pregnancy. I swore I had cracked a rib. I know that's possible... so be careful!

kendra said...

at least you're gorgeous! i mean, your body may hurt and all, but the outside is what counts, right? ;-) hope your cough goes away very soon.

kendra said...

and, for the record, some of my joints have been achy lately. no one told me 30 was going to do that to me!

katie said...

yeah for skylights :)