Wednesday, February 3, 2010

34 weeks

Oh, how things change in 10 short weeks.
That's crazy!
Our bodies are truly amazing.
I'm glad there will never be a 44 week picture!!

It's wild to think about how different our lives will be 10 weeks from now.
We'll be a family of 3.
Ben and I will be sleep deprived.
Our house will likely be messy and laundry will be piling up.
I'll probably be taking her picture a hundred times a day, not wanting a moment to go by without proper documentation.
We'll be trying to figure out the proper cleaning of cloth diapers and experimenting with different swaddling techniques.
Instead of wasting time on our laptops, we'll be staring at our daughter thinking everything she does is the cutest thing on earth.
We'll think about how great we thought our pre-Alice lives were, but know that it was nothing compared to the joy she brings to us.
I can't wait!

All is going well in the baby-growing department.
Went to the chiropractor today for the first of our baby-flipping sessions.
I'll be going back 3 times next week.
The goal is to have her turned back head down ASAP.
In the mean time, I'm enjoying the reprieve from the rib kicking.

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Katharine said...

Is it just me or is your pregnancy going lighting fast? Did you decide on your diapers? I splurged on the Bumgenius - best decision on earth!