Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm heading back to the chiropractor this morning.
It's hopefully the last baby-flipping session.
We'll find out on Thursday or Friday (via ultrasound) if it has worked, yet.
I wish I could tell if she has, or not, but I can't.

I'm beginning to notice there are some places and situations where people don't like to see pregnant women. Most recent:

1. The liquor store.
I wish I could have captured the looks I received while picking up beer for the super bowl party.

2. The gym.
I've been going about 3-4 times a week.
EVERY time at least 2 people say, "Wow! You're still working out?"
At least 5 people ask me the standard questions:
"When are you due?" ("That's soon!),
"Boy or a girl?" ("Awe! A girl!"),
"Do you have a name picked out?" ("That's a sweet name!") and
"How are you feeling?" (Followed by a story about their pregnancies.)
I also get side-eyed by the older clientele, who still believe pregnant women shouldn't lift their arms above their heads or else the cord will get wrapped around the baby's neck.
I feel like a circus sideshow.
It's awesome.

3. Walking in the snow.
I hear countless, "Be careful!" comments.
Thanks, random people, here I was being all reckless as I wobble through the parking lot.
Thanks for the reminder!


katie said...

I thought of you yesterday when I was at the Y working out and saw a cute little preggo girl come in and she got on the treadmill next to me and I thought good for her. She was almost as cute as you, but as cute. If I saw you at the Y I would come up and talk to you belly, I am sure alice would like that:) not give you nasty looks :)

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

heehee. i probably would hold onto your arm for dear life if i saw you walking in the snow. im one of those peeps =)
so excited for you. praying for a flipped baby alice!