Thursday, February 25, 2010

Evacuation Update

The list, revisited...

6. Clean the house.
The laundry is done, the floors vacuumed, and the dishes are washed.
Does that count?
And I gave Jack a bath yesterday!
Surely that counts.

7. Be unprepared.

I'm not good at this one.
We are prepared...I think.

8. Raspberry leaf tea.
I've been faithfully drinking the tea.
I kept hearing how nasty it is.
I don't think it tastes yucky at all.

9. Massage/Acupressure.
I went for a massage on Tuesday.

She worked on the pressure points that supposedly get labor going.
It's the spot between your pointer finger and thumb and the ankles.
Ben mashed my ankles last night, too.

14. Labor cookies.
These are actually just extra spicy ginger snaps.

They're yummy though!
Here's the result:

15. Relaxation.
I took a bath and a nap today.
Mainly because I hurt and was tired and cranky.

17. A storm.
It's currently snowing.
I doubt that really counts as a real storm, though.

19. Full Moon. 
It's on Saturday!


katie said...

she's acoming I can feel it :)

Chrissy said...

You may have the wrong tea. Raspberry leaf tea does NOT taste like raspberries. It's horrible. And bitter. And nasty.
Sweet Baby Alice is just training you guys to work around HER schedule!
Love you!

Ben and Melissa said...

Nope... It's Raspberry Leaf tea that "supports the female system". I just don't think it's that nasty.