Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ben said I should write about our recent pregnancy adventure.
So, here you go!

Oh! And I didn't forget to take the 33 week picture.
I'll just post it when I do the next one. :)

At about 4:00am Saturday morning I woke up to use the restroom.
Big shocker for a pregnant girl, right?
But, when I went to get out of bed, I had a huge cramp/ache just below my belly.
I waited a couple minutes and it finally lessened enough for me to walk to the bathroom.
I went back to bed and didn't think much more of it.

In the morning, I felt just fine.
But, Alice was being unusually quiet.
We went to breakfast, but still no movement.
She usually does a happy dance after I've eaten.

Around 1:00 I called our midwife and explained to her what was going on.
She said we should come on in.
She wanted to check the heartbeat and maybe do an ultrasound, just to put our minds at ease.

Alice's heartbeat was great! Whew!
But, when she tried to find her on the ultrasound, something wasn't right.
Turns out, our baby girl decided to flip around the night before.
She's now in a breech position...that little stinker!
That explains the pain I felt the night before AND the lack of movement.

I left the appointment feeling SO much better.
We still have a healthy baby girl and that's all that mattered.

What's next?
Well, if she doesn't flip, we'll have to either go to a doctor in Denver who will deliver her, or have a c-section.

She WILL flip! :)
Tomorrow I'm going to see my chiropractor.
He has a 90% success rate in flipping babies.
I talked to him today and he said he'll get her turned around in no time.

So, stay tuned...
I hope to have good news soon!


Katharine said...

I have had friend's with babies who flip the day before labor or even during labor. . .no sweat. Hold out for your birth!

Blomgren2 said...

I'm praying for her to flip and stick with it!

Dawn Rainbowstar said...

You have the most positive outlook on life...I really admire that in you! I'm sure she will do the flip! Take care!