Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just add baby.

Clothes and bedding are washed and put away.
I *believe* we have everything we need.
Room is clean.

Only one thing is missing...Alice.

(black and white baby pictures of Ben and I)

No, I didn't steal those library books.
I got them at the library's book sale a few weeks ago.

A few more pictures are in this post...including the super cool tree on the wall.
I don't know how it didn't make it into the pictures from today.

Feels good to have one room in our house clean and organized.
Now it's time to do the same in the others. :(
I'm hoping the "nesting" thing will kick in soon.


Chrissy said...

It's precious!!
Congratulations on getting so much done! It looks great!

Blomgren2 said...

I LOVE her room... I want it to be mine :)