Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maternity pictures

Last Monday I helped a photographer friend of mine, Rene, with a photo shoot.
It was snowy and super cold, but so much fun!
After the shoot, Rene offered to take some maternity pictures for me.
That was so sweet of her!
I just know Alice will love seeing these someday.

Here's a link to Rene's website.
And she has a blog, too.
If you're looking for a photographer, she's amazing!!


katie said...

these pics are so beautiful! you are so photogenic! love them!

Emily & Amelia said...

Amelia was looking at these pictures with me and asked "Mom, why is she going to have a baby in the snow?" You look great!!!!

Carey said...

Love these!!!

Katharine said...

these are beautiful! I love the snow but I can't believe you could bare to lift your shirt in that weather - brrrrr. I am jealous of your nice, flat belly button.

RachelRLake said...

love them!!!

BoyDena Smiley said...

so glad you got these!