Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project Evacuate Baby

As of yesterday, Alice is full-term.
Fully cooked.
She can safely come at anytime now.

So, here's the plan... I am going to try 20 Old Wives Tales for natural induction over the next few weeks.

Disclaimer: I am fully aware of the fact that Alice will come out when she's good and ready and my body is good and ready.

Why am I doing this?
Ben says I need to plan something everyday to keep myself distracted.
He's afraid that if I'm not busy, I'll sit around anxiously awaiting her arrival and will get cranky.
He's probably right.
This morning I woke up and said, "Maybe today's the day!!"
He said, "Probably not."
Ben is usually right.
I'll also be trying to stay busy in other ways, too...
movies, cleaning, errands, library, baking, reading, etc.

Here's the list:

1. “Relations” with my husband.
We will do this.
However, I will not be writing about it.

2. Nipple stimulation.
I’ll try this, if I have to.
It’ll be further down on the to-do list, though.
And, like #1, I'm not going to document it.

(The first 2 are the ones most commonly suggested.
That's why those are listed first.)

3. Mac and Cheese.
Supposedly, it has to be the standard Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner and it has to be prepared by Ben.
But, that’s not all.
Then, I have to put Worcheshire sauce on it and eat as much of it as I can.

4. Spicy food. 
For this I’m going to choose the Curry Leaf restaurant in downtown Colorado Springs.
I LOVE Indian food.
Ben doesn't.
Anyone want to join me?

5. Exercise.
I’ve been exercising.
Maybe I’ll try to step it up a little bit?

6. Clean the house.
I read that getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing the kitchen floor may induce labor.
The good Lord knows my floors need it.
Maybe a baby will be my reward!

7. Be unprepared. 
"Stop shaving.
Let your husband go off with his friends…far away.
Go walk the mall because surely your water should break in a public place."
The word on the street is that it’s like Murphy’s Law - if you are not prepared it will happen.

8. Raspberry leaf tea.
I'm always up for a cup of tea!

9. Massage/Acupressure.
I have an appointment with a massage therapist who specializes in prenatal massage.
She said that she’ll work on some labor-inducing pressure points for me.

10. Swinging.
As in on the playground swings.
I’ll try it.
Maybe Ben will give me a push. :)

11. Eat pineapple.
There’s an enzyme in fresh pineapple that supposedly causes mild contractions.

12. Eggplant Parmesan.
Using this recipe from a restaurant in Georgia.

13. Cinnamon stick tea.
I like tea.
I like cinnamon.

14. Labor cookies.
Recipe here.
I like cookies!

15. Relaxation.
I’m going to use a gift certificate I received for Christmas to go get a pedicure.
After that, a nap!

16. Bounce on an exercise ball. 
I have an exercise ball.
I feel pretty certain that I will pop my exercise ball if I start bouncing around on it.
Is it worth the sacrifice?
We’ll see!

17. A storm.
A drop in pressure will often put women in labor.
Problem: storm at this time of year=snow.
I don’t know if I’d like having to deal with that.

18. Take evening primrose oil.
Theory: “Evening primrose oil is an excellent source of prostaglandins, which readies your cervix for labor.
I'll check with my midwife before taking this.

19. Full Moon. 
The next one is on February 28th.
We’ll see!

20. Castor Oil.
There’s a lot of controversy about this one.
I won’t do it without talking to my midwife first.

So, there you go.
Any other silly old wives tales you know of that I missed??


kendra said...

You are hilarious Melissa. I love it! Funny sister actually had the eggplant parm at Scalini's when she was pregnant with my nephew and went into labor the next joke!

Michelle E said...

"If it snows, baby will come." Seemed to work for my first two. Snowstorms in November & March. Big ones. Mason was in May, but he still came out... even though it didn't snow. Thank goodness. So Alice will, too. Regardless. But your list will be fun distractions until she does! And last I checked... it's snowing!!

Katharine said...

I took castor oil and was in labor 2 hours later. . .although I was 10 freakin' days overdue and 4cm!!! I am concerned about you getting antsy so early :) It could be another month easily!

Rachel said...

You made me laugh outloud!

I'll give ya push on the swing if Ben won't.

And I feel very certain that you will NOT pop an exercise ball.

Operation Get baby Alice out is a GO! Do it to it babe!!!

Corrie said...

So funny! Check Ina May's book for a peach juice alternative to the castor oil - we brought it to the hospital with us but acupuncture and nasty herbs did the trick for us. I hope you get to meet Alice soon!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

i know which one ben wont mind!
(sorry, couldnt help myself)

A.Woods said...

I'm in. :) I can tell you, I've tried about 1/4 of these so far and I'm still here, but at least one of them has GOT to work, right? Good luck, and here's to seeing our beautiful babies sooner rather than later!

BoyDena Smiley said...

you know I like inidan... wish I could come... a castor oil substitute is peach juice with olive oil and something else I can't remember but could find out for you. good luck. massage/accupressure worked for me last time, Rigel came the next day!

Charissa said...

My grandma took castor oil when preggo with my uncle and all it did was make her sick. My husband ad I DTD at 10 PM the night before my c-section and my water broke at 1:00 AM so I got to experience labor for 4 hours before Emma was born via c-section 11 hours earlier than scheduled, but on her original due date nonetheless!