Thursday, February 4, 2010

This is not a pregnancy/baby post.

Finally, right?!?!

No, this is a post about Ben.

I went out to get the mail the other day, which is one of my favorite things to do.
It really is.
I get a little sad when Ben brings in the mail.

In the mailbox was a card addressed to me. (REAL mail! Yay!!)

I opened the envelope to find a card from Ben's boss. (Okaaayyy...what's this??)

It was the nicest card about Ben!
His boss wrote things like, "First of all, your hubby is amazing!! I have quickly grown to appreciate him immensely."

And, "Ben is not only talented and smart, but he has an awesome heart to help people out. Something we love!"

He goes on to thank me for being gracious with the late nights and home phone calls.
That was so kind of him!

Really, I don't even mind any inconveniences or interruptions Ben's job may present at this time.
I have have a husband who loves his job!
And, it's a job that allows for me to be a stay-at-home mom for Alice.
What an incredible blessing!

That's all.
I just wanted to brag on Ben.
I'm so proud of him!

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kjsonntag said...

I love this post! I teared up a bit when I read this -- you DO have a fantastic husband who has a heart to help others! Not only is his work blessed by him (and you, of course), our ENTIRE small group is blessed beyond measure by you two!