Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ben!!

Yesterday was my husband's birthday.
Though I gave him presents on his special day, I couldn't help but be reminded of the gift he is to me.
I can't imagine a more perfect husband for me.

Here's the short list of why:

1. Ben loves big.
He loves Jesus, he loves me, he loves our families and our friends, he loves our dog, and he loves our unborn daughter.
My husband has an enormous heart for people...and Jack.

2. Ben balances me.
He is calm when I'm an emotional ticking time bomb, which isn't a rare occurrence these days.
He is patient when I am anxious.
He is forgiving when I want to hold a grudge.
He is diligent when I want to procrastinate.
He his strong when I am weak...or lazy.

3. The man makes me laugh all the time.
I remember laughing at one of his corny jokes when we were engaged.
His mom turned to me and said, "I'm so glad Ben found a girl who gets his sense of humor."
I get it. And I love it.
I also love how easy going Ben is.
I mean, not every guy will don some silly outfit his wife picked out for him.
Ben will.

4. Ben is a hard worker.
He loves his job and he's good at it!
Ben is incredibly talented when it comes to computers, networks, servers, and all the outer techy words I can't think of.
Here's the coolest part: he's also has "people skills". (Cue the Office Space clip.)
I love my geeky husband!

5. I know I covered this in #1, but I love how Ben loves me.
He listens to me...even while I recap and review my day which is usually the list of errands I ran and how many things I got checked off my to-do list.
He eats what I cook and thanks me for making it.
(Except that time I accidentally used salt instead of sugar in the crepes I made. Whoops!)
He scratches my back almost every night as I drift off to sleep.
He sends me text messages and emails that remind me that he's thinking of me during the day.
He prays for me.
He is quick to lend me a hand whenever I ask for help.
He no longer leaves cabinet doors open after I told him how it bothers me.
He doesn't only tell me that he loves me.
He shows me he does.

So, for his birthday I made him cinnamon rolls for breakfast...
(His Grandma A.J.'s recipe)

cupcakes for him to share with his work peeps...

Shepherd's Pie for dinner...
and lastly, we made ice cream sundaes with our k-group.
(Clearly, I believe celebrations involve food. :) )

Ben, thank you for choosing me to be your wife!


Roeman said...

I love you baby:)

katie said...

this post made me smile. Ben is great, you are right. You are great too. I was just telling james today on the phone how I cannot wait to hold your little alice in my arms. I just can't wait to meet her. how fun!

love you!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

such a great tribute. you both are lucky to have each other. and i remember when you first started time flies.
I'm telling you, this is incredible material for a commercial =)

kjsonntag said...

Thsi made me cry! You have one good man and I am thankful you found him! Yea for Ben!!